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Well it depends on what you want to do.

If you want to develop technique there are a few options:
1. Repitition Drills. Perform the same technique or series of techniques over and over until they are properly burned into muscle memory. This is also a decent cardio workout.

2. Chain Punches. Perfrom a series of 5-10 vertical punches in an elliptical motion hitting a heavy bag from a horse stance. This exercise is highly effective for fast twitch nerve conduction as well as muscular endurance.

For building strength.
1. Power lifting is extremely effective. A 5x5 or 5x6 split works nicely in my experience for the following areas:
-Bench Press
-Shoulder Presses
-Good Mornings

2. To build size(if you wanted to) use a hypertrophic pyramid. This works by using your hypertrophic lifting weight(60-75% of your max) and perform 10 reps, followed by 9, then 8, and so on until you reach 1, then go back up to 10. It ends up being 109 reps and assuming its done right, it only takes around 30-40 minutes. This can be done with almost every exercise, but remember muscle built through hypertrophic lifting doesn't have the same explosive capability as that built through power lifting, so you would need to supplement any hypertrophic lifting with power lifting to get the most from your muscle.

3. I've recently started doing some weird Guerrilla training on the side. Its kind of Parkour esque, the jury is still out. But it may have some effectiveness because its all a modified Body Weight exercise.

For cardio.
1. Running. Long distance endurance is important, it's where much of the 5 rd battle endurance comes from. Depending on the speed and vigor of the run it can be as little as 2 miles, or as much as 4 to recieve the fullest effects.

2. Sprint/Run split. This form of endurance helps with the rapid sort of endurance you need for things like combinations and flurries. Research HIIT workouts as well as the Tabata Protocol. They both work in these areas.

These have worked for me. I don't know if they will for you. Body conditioning works different for everyone. Try a few of these out, they might work for you, they might not, but there's only one way to find out! Hopefully someone else will actually share some insight instead of demanding you use Youtube, and you'll get some more options.
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