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Ed Herman Taps By Triangle... Yes

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good to see him go down! :thumbsup:

Oh man, its about time!
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Team Punishment said:
shocking! But give him credit for trying to fight out of the triangle.
i agree ... he held off for while... while taking some dirty elbows to the temple and top of the head

that triangle was insane... jason mcdonald was impressive... hope to see more of him
DrVanNostrand said:
he is a decent fighter, but i still dont like him...being in a triangle, with a weak armbar, and getting bombed by elbows brought a smile to my face...

credit for lasting as long as he did in that though...hes one tough nugget...

yes he lasted alot longer then i thought he was going to
brownpimp88 said:
Jason Mcdonald said it right, he isn't being a stepping stone for anyone. That was a great triangle/kimura he had going there and also great use of elbows while holding onto the sub. Nice work Jason. Herman got exposed for the hype he really is.
the reality show just makes false odds for the fights
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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