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HAHAHA!! Rashad was my first pick for TUF 2 and I can't wait to see him smash Lambert September 23. Rashad is the future baby!!!!! I know he's only managed a few decisions lately, but watching him closely, you can tell, he has all the ability PLUS he's a VERY intelligent fighter. He just needs a couple more fights to blast off that ring rust

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Agreed! Altough he can't depend on the judges to always give him a decision! He needs to finish this fight!

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Evans sucks he is not a fighter he is a person who can lift you up and put you down and that's it. He didn't do shit to Bonnar in the last fight except be physically stronger. Rashad is in for a wake-up call if he falls asleep during this fight. Lambert is a pretty damn good LHW. A little too good for Rashad imo. for the ones who haven't seen him fight here's his record courtesy of Sherdog:

Win Branden Lee Hinkle TKO (Referee Stoppage) UFC-Ultimate Fight Night 5 6/28/2006 1 5:00
Win Terry Martin TKO (Strikes) UFC 59-Reality Check 4/15/2006 2 2:37
Win Rob MacDonald Submission (Kimura) UFC 58-USA vs Canada 3/4/2006 1 1:54
Win Travis Wiuff KO FFC 15-Fiesta Las Vegas 9/14/2005 1 3:19
Win Marvin Eastman Decision (Split) KOTC-Mortal Sins 5/7/2005 3 5:00
Win Richard Montoya Submission WEC 13-Heavyweight Explosion 1/22/2005 1 2:45
Win Matt Horwich Submission (Verbal) WEC 12-Halloween Fury 3 10/21/2004 2 3:28
Win Mike Rogers TKO ROTR 5-Rumble on the Rock 5 5/7/2004 1 3:29
Loss Chael Sonnen Decision GC 20-Gladiator Challenge 20 11/13/2003 3 5:00
Win Brian Foster Decision (Unanimous) KOTC 25-Flaming Fury 6/29/2003 2 5:00
Win Allan Sullivan TKO (Strikes) GC 16-Gladiator Challenge 16 6/1/2003 1
Win Jim Breech TKO KOTC 22-Steel Warrior 3/23/2003 1 1:35
Win Rick Collup Submission (Punches) GC 14-Gladiator Challenge 14 2/16/2003 1 1:28
Loss Wesley Correira KO SB 27-SuperBrawl 27 11/9/2002 2 1:48
Win Joshua Hoag TKO (Strikes) KOTC 17-San Jacinto 10/19/2002 1 1:25
Win Dan Quinn Decision GC 12-Gladiator Challenge 12 9/8/2002 3 5:00
Win Lobo Lobo TKO KOTC 15-Bad Intentions 6/22/2002 1 3:01
Loss Tim Sylvia TKO (Strikes) SB 24-Return of the Heavyweights 2 4/27/2002 2 4:13
Win Brian Stromberg Submission (Strikes) SB 24-Return of the Heavyweights 2 4/27/2002 2 4:59
Win Ron Faircloth Decision SB 24-Return of the Heavyweights 1 4/26/2002 2 5:00
Win Jason Jones TKO KOTC 12-Cold Blood 2/9/2002 2 1:17
Win Kauai Kupihea Submission (Choke) GC 8-School Yard Brawls 11/17/2001 2 2:03
Loss Marco Ruas Submission (Heel Hook) UP 1-Ultimate Pankration 1 11/11/2001 1 0:56
Loss Kim Jong Wang Submission (Guillotine Choke) KOTC 11-Domination 9/29/2001 1 0:55
Win Rick Mathis TKO KOTC 9-Showtime 6/23/2001 1 4:30
Win Adrian Perez TKO GC 3-Showdown at Soboba 4/7/2001 1 1:07
Win Jorge Lavama Submission (Keylock) GC 2-Collision at Colusa 2/18/2001 1 3:45

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i am going for lambert i just cant seem to see any hope for evans he takes his confidence to much and needs to be able to finish a fight KO TKO or submission he has not shown a whole lot of skill just a little brawlin ability and he has some good speed. we shall see though!
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