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Well I finally broke down and ordered a pride ppv. Keep in mind i have seen many pride fights in the past, this is just the first time i actually spent my own money on it. Here are some of my opinions:

1. They have some great fighters. Shogun impressed me, and Fedor, well what is there to say about him.

2. That lady announcer is about the most annoying person i have ever heard.

3. I wish they would have spent a little less time dissing the UFC, and more time promoting their great fighters.

Overall, it was a good show.

I watch mostly UFC, pride whenever it is on free, but i must say i will definitely order pride again. Oh and my wish is for Fedor to just shut Tim Sylvia up. PLEASE!

So to all the UFC fans who dismiss pride, and pride fans who dismiss UFC, just try to put your preconceived notions aside, and just watch another organization once, you might me surprised.
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