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During the first three rounds, Pakorn nullified Pornsanae’s offense with steady forward pressure. He could have cruised his way to a clear decision victory with more of the same. However, Pakorn choose to bite down on his mouth piece and trade leather with an ever dangerous Pornsanae in the fourth round.

The reason for his change in tactics is not apparent. It’s possible he wanted to make it a more exciting fight or prove a point by beating Pornsanae at his own game. He could have been caught up in the moment and his instinct to brawl could have taken over his better judgement.

Whatever the reason, it resulted in one of the most exciting rounds in all of combat sports – the climax in this symphony of violence.

While this may seem like a wild brawl at first blush, well trained fighters don’t lose all technique and tactics amidst the chaos. Within the maelstrom of punches, there are discernible patterns which explain why Pakorn gets the better of Pornsanae in some exchanges and vice versa.

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