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Intesting read. Frank discusses his loss after his accident, and how it ws a gamble on his part. Grabbed this from Max Fighting :thumbsup:

By Tommy Messano
Monday, May 8, 2006

Former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir is walking the long winding road which is called the comeback trail. After a horrific motorcycle crash in September of 2004 that left him sidelined for over a year, Frank Mir is now ready to prove once again that he is the Heavyweight to beat in the UFC. Mir’s inspirational story to once again step back into the Octagon shows he still has the heart and determination of a champion. MaxFighting caught up with Frank at a recent event.

MaxFighting: What were your thoughts on Sylvia Vs. Arloski 2?

Frank Mir: Yeah I was impressed it almost looked like it was going to be an exact remake of the last one. But Sylvia has a good chin he got up and won the fight.

MaxFighting: When is your next fight going to be?

Frank Mir: In July, now I feel like I’m back to being 100% finally with my knee and stuff

MaxFighting: Do you think rushed back too soon from your injury?

Frank Mir: No, I get paid to be a fighter and sometimes you can’t to be 100%.

MaxFighting: What happened during that fight with Cruz at UFC 57?

Frank Mir: The fight ended up the ground and I knew my legs weren’t going to have the same kind of guard as in the past at that point where I was conditioned up to, so I just took a gamble and it didn’t pay off.

MaxFighting: How much did you watch MMA during your time away from the sport?

Frank Mir: I watched techniques to see if someone is doing something effective. I don’t really get into guys as far as personalities and their whole gimmick behind it. As far as guys having good techniques like Fedor doing ground and pound or Nogueira’s guard game I’ll watch guys like that to see what he’s doing and how’s he doing it. I break it down more like a science. Like a football player doesn’t watch a game to see who wins but more to study the film.
MaxFighting: What’s your fighting background?

Frank Mir: I started out doing karate when I was like 4 years old. Then when I was 14 Muay Thai till I was 19 and I still practice it now. When I was 20 years old I started getting into and learning Jiu-Jitsu. I also wrestled in high school for 2 years.

MaxFighting: What is your biggest victory in your career so far? Beating a legend or winning the title?

Frank Mir: Tim Sylvia, he was also my toughest opponent that night he just made a really bad mistake.

MaxFighting: Where are you training at for your next fight?

Frank Mir: Right now I’m training over at the L.A boxing gym. I work with Mark Laymen on my Jiu Jitsui stuff. then I spar with guys like Heath Herring. My stand up coach is Rob White.

MaxFighting: Who’s the fighter you haven’t fought yet, who you would like to get in the ring with.
Frank Mir: Andrei Arlovski. Even after his last fight he’s a tough guy.

MaxFighting: So who’s the best heavyweight in the sport?

Frank Mir: Fedor Emelianenko, until someone beats him.
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