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I enjoyed this vid. Surprising response to Toney in the UFC! When he talks Carwin, he tries so hard to sound as if he respects him, but his face says, "Carwin doesnt stand a chance"

... and of course, some more cringeworthy obsessive Lesnar talk.

So, let me get this right Franky boy... you hate Brock because you "heard" from lots and lots of people that Lesnar is a bit of a bully wanker. Did I hear that right? He's basing his crusade on rumours? Haha!! Besides, of course Brock is a bit of a c*nt... I mean... look at him. Everything about him screams tosspot wanker.

The bit at the end about being superman and saving the universe from the Brock... O dear. What a self-polishing knob Mir is. He rocks!
However complimentary Mir is of any fighter, the first thing that comes into my mind is I hate hate this cock.
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