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The Don said:
Hmm both fighters have faced Bas Rutten in Pancrase.. yes only Ken ever managed to beat him.. yet most would agree FRank is the better fighter.. See this is a classic example of how you CANNOT compare fighters based upon an opponent they have each fought... everyone is different going by most peoples logic Ken should have beaten Ortiz since FRank beat ortis and since Ken Beat bas but Bas beat frank Ken is the best since he beat bas, bas beat Frank and Frank beat Tito.. There for Ken should be able to beat tito.. and we all saw this was not the case.. so please stop saying one fighter can beat another because of something the fighter did against someone else
good point! but if frank and ken faught now id take frank, in there primes, ken outweighed frank by 30 -40 pounds , so i gotta take ken in that one
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