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jdun11 said:
U Guys Act Like Franklin Would Have No Chance..jeremy Horn Lasted Four Rounds Striking With Chuck And His Strikes Arent Even Close To As Good As Franklins..franklin Was A Beast When He Faught At 205 Hes Actually Better Fit For 205 He Has To Cut Alot Of Weight To Get Down To 185 ..he Looks Alot Better At 205..he Dismantled Shamrock In 2 Mins At 205.liddell Is No Shammy But Rich Would Give Chuck All He Could Handle..close Fight With Chuck Eventually Catchin Rich In The Fourth Or 5th..but Chucks Face Would Look Like He Had Been In A Fight Unlike It Usually Does
We seem to all agree that Rich would have to move up. I agree that 205 is not a stretch for him. I disagree that this fight would be lopsided. Franklin has great, yes I said GREAT, striking. People don't notice his striking because it is precise and methodical. Raining bombs like Chuck does is what gets noticed. Bringing up the Crow fight is ridiculous since Rich barely looked winded and the Crow looked worse than Shamrock after his first beating by Ortiz. I agree that the smart money would still be on Chuck but it would be no cake walk. Can't wait for the Silva fight.
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