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Gary Goodridge was born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada on January 17, 1966. He stands 6'3 and weights in at 240lbs. Known as "Big Daddy", Gary's fighting style is Kuk Soo Won. Goodridge started his MMA career in the UFC, then went into the Pride organization and now fights for K-1. He has a winning record of 21-15-1.

Fighting Record:
Loss Heath Herring TKO K-1-Hero's 4 3/15/2006
Win Alan Karaev Submission K-1-Hero's 1 3/26/2005
Win Sylvester Terkay TKO K-1 MMA-ROMANEX 5/22/2004
Win Don Frye KO PRIDE-Shockwave 2003 12/31/2003
Win Dan Bobish TKO PRIDE-Final Conflict 2003 11/9/2003
Loss Fedor Emelianenko TKO PRIDE-Total Elimination 2003 8/10/2003
Win Lloyd Van Dams TKO PRIDE-Shockwave 8/28/2002
Win Achmed Labasanov Decision PRIDE 21-Demolition 6/23/2002
Draw Ebenezer Fontes Braga Draw Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2001-K-1 vs. Inoki 12/31/2001
Win Yoshiaki Yatsu TKO PRIDE 16-Beasts From The East 9/24/2001
Win Jan Nortje Submission K-1-Andy Hug Memorial 8/19/2001
Loss Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Submission PRIDE 15-Raging Rumble 7/29/2001
Win Valentijn Overeem Submission PRIDE 14-Clash of the Titans 5/27/2001
Win Bob Schrijber Submission 2H2H 2-Simply The Best 3/18/2001
Win Yoshiaki Yatsu TKO PRIDE 11-Battle of the Rising Sun 10/31/2000
Loss Gilbert Yvel KO PRIDE 10-Return of the Warriors 8/27/2000
Loss Ricco Rodriguez Decision PRIDE 9-New Blood 6/4/2000
Loss Igor Vovchanchyn TKO PRIDE Grand Prix 2000-Finals 5/1/2000
Win Osamu Tachihikari Submission PRIDE Grand Prix 2000-Opening Round 1/30/2000
Loss Tom Erikson Decision PRIDE 8-PRIDE 8 11/21/1999
Loss Naoya Ogawa Submission PRIDE 6-PRIDE 6 7/4/1999
Win Andre Roberts Submission UFC 19-Ultimate Young Guns 3/5/1999
Loss Igor Vovchanchyn TKO PRIDE 4-PRIDE 4 10/11/1998
Win Amir Rahnavardi KO PRIDE 3-PRIDE 3 6/24/1998
Loss Marco Ruas Submission PRIDE 2-PRIDE 2 3/15/1998
Win Oleg Taktarov KO PRIDE 1-PRIDE 1 10/11/1997
Win Pedro Otavio Submission IVC 1-Real Fight Tournament 7/6/1997
Win Cal Worsham Submission IVC 1-Real Fight Tournament 7/6/1997
Win Augusto Menezes Santos Submission IVC 1-Real Fight Tournament 7/6/1997
Loss Mario Neto Submission UVF 6-Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 6 3/3/1997
Loss Don Frye Submission UU 96-Ultimate Ultimate 1996 12/7/1996
Loss Mark Coleman Submission UFC 10-The Tournament 7/12/1996
Win John Campetella KO UFC 10-The Tournament 7/12/1996
Loss Mark Schultz TKO UFC 9-Motor City Madness 5/17/1996
Loss Don Frye Submission UFC 8-David vs. Goliath 2/16/1996
Win Jerry Bohlander TKO UFC 8-David vs. Goliath 2/16/1996
Win Paul Herrera KO UFC 8-David vs. Goliath 2/16/1996

-Won 1,000 arm wrestling matches in a row at a japanese exhibition
-One of the few fighters to fight in UFC, Pride FC, and K-1
-Some fans call him "The Power Puncher"
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