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This is a great workout if you want to read the whole thing its a bit long. Enjoy, if you have any questions just ask.:fight02:

Tuesday & Thursdays 6:00pm -8:00pm
1) 10-15 minutes Warm-up = Skipping
2) 15-30 minute Cardio/Strength Exercise Circuit Routine
3) Pushup Circuit
4) Shadow Boxing
5) Hand-Wraps/Heavy bag, Sparring, Focus pad work, Technical Dills
6) Stretching

Saturday Mornings 10:00am – 12:00am
1) 10-15 minutes Warm-Up = Skipping
2) 15 minutes Pushup/Sit-up circuit
3) 15-30minute Cardio/Strength Exercise Circuit Led by the Group
4) Shadow Boxing
5) Hand-Wraps/Heavy bag, Sparring, Focus pad work, Technical Dills
6) Stretching

Skipping Information

1) Skipping starts at 6:00pm on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s and on Saturday at 10:00am.
2) Depending on the temperature, skipping can last from 10 to 15 minutes to allow for a proper warm-up.
3) End with Last Minute Fast
4) Whenever you mess up while skipping, try to keep jumping while you fix the rope to keep your heart rate up and the routine will flow better.

You can skip anyway that feels comfortable. I suggest mixing up what your legs are doing to help keep you going. You can use:
Feet together
Alternating Feet on ground (front & back)
Alternating Feet kick forward in the air
Kickback to your butt
Feet together = side to side
Feet together = forward & back
Alternating Knees up in front
‘Boxers Jump’ hopping on each leg twice in a row
Crossing your arms/rope
& any other types that you want to.

Sample Skipping Routine
15 seconds = Alternating Feet on ground (front & back)
15 seconds = Alternating Feet kick forward in the air
15 seconds = Kickbacks to your butt
15 seconds = Alternating Knees up in front (can be done fast)

Do all 4 each minute until the last minute when you go fast for the entire time.

Exercise Definitions

These are some of the exercises used to make up the circuit, followed by definition for each:

01) Punching Drills x3
02) Pushups x3 ?
03) Burpees x3
04) Crunches/Sit-ups x3
05) Jumping Jacksx2
06) Squats x2
07) Jumps x3
08) Necks x2
09) Legs x6
10) Twists & Bends

01) Punching Drills x3
Start off running on the spot and bring your knees up as high as you can while punching in the three different ways keeping your arms close to the body and your hands closed.

1st Way – Punch It Straight Out – Keeping one hand close to your face, punch the other arm straight out making sure you turn your hand over and your palm is facing down. Alternate each arm quickly.

2nd Way – Dig It In – Bring one hand down to the waist while the other is coming up towards your chin and keep alternating in a rolling pattern similar to throwing uppercuts.

3rd Way – Punch It Up – With your palms facing in, punch one arm straight up as far as you can while bending the other arm, having the elbow come down to your waist. Alternate each arm quickly.

02) Pushups x3

Basic Pushups – Keep your back and legs straight and have your weight resting on your hands and toes. When you come down, try to bring your chests to the ground or as close as you can, then push back up to full extension. Make sure your back stays straight and your legs or torso doesn’t touch the ground before your chest.
To put the focus on your chest, keep your hands wide and bend your elbows out to the sides away from your body.
To put the focus on your triceps, brings your hands in close, about shoulder width apart and bend your elbows towards your feet.

Modified Pushups – The weight will rest on your hands and knees instead of your toes. Really focus on keeping your back stays straight when performing these pushups. Your can do the same hand placement as with basic pushups.

Stop Sign Pushups – This drill can be done by 1 person leading but is best when done with a group in a circle facing each other and each person calls out Red, Yellow, or Green going in clockwise or counter clockwise order. Perform these pushups the same way you would normally.
When some calls out Red, everybody is at full extension of their arms.
At Yellow, everyone would hold there arms bent so they’re halfway to the ground, or at the sticking point, (their personal hardest point to push through.)
For Green, everyone would go all the way down without resting on the ground. They can either touch their chest lightly, or just hover above the ground.

03) Burpees x3

Basic Burpees - Start off by jumping straight into the air. When you land, squat all the way down and put all your weight on your hands as you kick back your out behind you and go into pushups position, then, pull your legs back quickly under your body and jump straight into the air again. Keep your back straight when you go to pushup position and try to keep it all in one fast motion.

Half-Burpees – Just continue doing the second part of the Burpees. Keep your hands planted on the ground and keep kicking out your legs behind you into pushup position and then pull them back and try to bring your knees as close as you can get them to your chest.

Burpees with Alternating Legs – Do the same as Half-Burpees but one leg at a time and keeping switching back and forth between them.

04) Crunches/Sit-ups x3

Lie flat on your back with knees bent, (at about 90 degrees,) and have your feet flat and as wide as your hip apart.

Crunches – Rolling just your upper body, (head & chest,) curl your ribs towards your hips and remember to keep your lower back on the ground. Pause for a moment then roll back down without bringing your head to the ground. This can be done with your hands sliding beside your hips, hands at the side of your head, or even with your feet in the air.

Sit-ups – Roll your upper body and then your lower back off the floor until your are sitting 45 degrees or halfway sitting up off the ground. Now roll back down and don’t let your head rest on the ground.

Sit-ups with Punches – When you get to the half way point, twist to each side while throwing a straight punch at the same time.

05) Jumping Jacks x2

Start off standing straight with your feet together and hands at your side. Your hands will move away from your side and back as your feet jump out to the sides and back to start ting position. The leader can let everyone go at normal pace or can set the pace alternating between Out to the Side, and In Front.

Out to the Side/Overhead – Your hands will come from your hips, go out to the sides and touch over your head, then go back to your hips.

In Front – Your hands will come from your hips and come together and go straight out in front of you and up to eye level then go back to your hips.

06) Squats x2

Basic Squat – Keeping your feet shoulder width apart and your hands on your forearms, bend your legs going down into a seated position, (thighs parallel to the ground,) then stand back up. Remember to keep your back straight, push your butt out behind you to keep your knees from going over your toes, and push off your heels to stand up.

Jump Squats – When you are almost all the way back to standing position, jump straight into the air and land in standing position.

07) Jumps x3

Basic Jumps - Keeping your feet together and using your calves, continue jumping straight up. You can use your arms to get higher.

Jumps with Knees Up – Same as basic, but bend your knees and bring them as high up as you can when you jump.

Single Leg Jumps – Switch legs your using to jump on. You can go back and forth or stay on one leg for no more than 15/20 times.

08) Necks x2

Necks Up & Down – Keeping your head from touching the floor, move your head with your chin moving towards your body and back, in a ‘Yes’ type pattern.

Necks Side to Side – Keeping your hear off the floor, turn your head all the way to the left and right in a ‘No’ type pattern. You could touch your ear to each side as a reference point. Your head doesn’t need to come off the ground any more then it needs to be.

09) Legs x6

Legs Straight Out – Lying on your back, keep your legs straight out together with your feet and head off the ground. Have your hands resting on the bottom of your buttocks to keep the lower back from rounding up.

In & Out – Keeping your legs together, bend your knees, bringing them on top of your body then back straight out. You can also perform a sit-up at the same time.

Crosses/Scissors – Keeping your legs straight, move one under the other and back, alternating which one in on top.

One Leg In, One Leg Out – Doing the same movement as In & Out, but one leg at a time.

In & Up – Move your legs as though you are doing In & Out, but when you bring your legs in push your hips off the ground with your hands and kick your feet straight up into the air. Then bring them down and back to straight out.

Knees to Elbows – Moving your legs as though it’s One Leg In, One Leg Out, curl your body up and with your hands on the sides of your head, and twist side to side letting your elbows touch the opposite knee.

10) Twists & Bends

Twists – Standing tall with your legs apart, keep your hands on forearms and using your obliques, turn all the way to your left and right while keeping your back straight and hips stable. You could also throw punches using your back hand towards the way you are punching and making sure you turn your hands over with the palm facing the ground.

Bends – Keeping your back straight and your hands defending your head, bend to your left and rights using and stretching your obliques. To go further, widen your feet and let one hand slide down the side of your leg while you bend the other arm bringing the elbow up to help add to the stretch.

Technical Drills

Pivoting Drill

To perform the pivoting drills, do the Twist exercise with throwing punches and twist your feet so that you are switching your stance between orthodox and unorthodox with each punch.

Medicine Ball Drills
1) Situps
2) Drops
3) In a line or pairs
4) In a circle w/ stuck you

Bag Drills
01) Uppercut
02) Fast/Hard
03) 5 second fast
04) Berserk
05) Double end Bag
06) Light
07) Sand bag
08) At your own pace
09) Fast/Slow (Between 2 bags)
10) Around the world (switching bag round = fast & slow switches)
11) Different combinations

Rope Drills- (Basic Footwork Movement)
Need 1 thin, long rope to stretch across the ring to tie to opposite ring post that cross the middle of the boxing ring. Or use 2 people holding the rope, or even tie it 2 two pole with space between.
Before you start, have someone on each end of the rope to hold the rope at shoulder height of the boxer. Or it can be tie at the correct height or tie good on 1 end and have a coach pulling and keeping it a correct height in front of the boxer.
The boxer will be at one end of the rope and get into their stance with their back shoulder under the rope and facing the other end.
Keeping your stance in tack, move forward with normal footwork, (when the front steps forward then back slides forward,) While keeping your shoulder under the rope.

Dodging the rope – Start with your stance, having your shoulder under the rope. Bend with your knees, bringing your head under the rope while stepping out to the side to make sure the knee doesn’t go over your toes, then stand up and have the rope resting on your other shoulder now. When you go back under, just drag your back foot to it’s starting position in normal stance.

Dodging while Moving forward – Take a step forward, dragging the back foot, then step out the side as above. After you take a step out to the side, step forward with your front leg while bending your knees moving back under the rope dragging your back leg and stand up in your original stance. Repeat until you reach the end of the rope.

Dodging, Moving, & Punching – After you go out to the side, when you stand up throw a punch with your back hand punching over the rope and remember to twist your foot on the punch. Then, go back under the rope and when you come up throw a straight jab while turning into it as though throwing a hook by twisting your body & foot into it. (Or just throw a hook.)
To add movement, do the same as above while do the footwork, and remembering to twist on the punches.

Stop at the end of the rope and you can also turn around and go back to the start.

Circuit Routines

Cardio/Strength Circuit

Circuit = 4 rounds x 2 minutes, plus 1 minute of legs. & an extra 3 minute ending
Round 1 = 15sec. Round 2 = 12sec. Round 3 = 15 sec. Round 4 = 10 sec.
60 Punch it Out 60 Dig it In 60 Punch it Up 60 Punch it Out
45 Pushups 48 Pushups 45 Pushups 50 Pushups
30 Burpees 36 Punch it Up 30 Burpees 40 Dig it In
15 Sit-ups 24 Burpees 15 Sit-ups 30 Half Burpees
60 Squats 12 Punch it Out 60 Squats 20 Punch it Up
45 Pushups 60 Jumping Jacks 45 Pushups 10 Sit-ups
30 Jumps 48 Dig it In 30 Jumps 60 Punch it Out
15 Sit-ups 36 Jumps 15 Sit-ups 50 Jumping Jacks
24 Punch it Up 40 Dig it In
12 Sit-ups 30 Jumps
20 Punch it Up
10 Sit-ups
60 Legs Out 60 Legs Out 60 Legs Out 60 Necks Up &
30 In & Out 30 Knees To
Elbows 30 1 Leg in 1 Out
15 Crosses 15 Out & Up 15 Necks Side to

30 Legs Out
60 In & Out
45 Crosses
30 Knees To Elbows

60 Legs Out to 0

Pushups Circuit 7 minutes – Odd numbers counting down & Even number counting up with No Break in Between (When punching, count for 15 seconds)
Round 1 Round 2
Punch it Out Punch it Out
15 pushups 6 pushups
Dig it In Dig it In
13 pushups 8 pushups
Punch it Up Punch it Up
11 pushups 10 pushups
Punch it Out Punch it Out
9 pushups 12 pushups
Dig it In Dig it In
7 pushups 14 pushups
Punch it Up Punch it Up
5 pushups 16 pushups
Punch it Out
18 pushups
Dig It in
20 pushups

Normal Circuit
Punching – 0:15seconds each
Squats or Jumping Jacks
Legs Straight Out
Knees to Elbows
In & Out or Opposite Leg In
Crosses or Up & Out
(Necks at the end) – 45 seconds
-Up & Down
-Side to Side
-Legs out (Last Minute)

10 minutes with breaks

Punch Out, In, or Up between pushups
- 5’s each time
- 10’s each time or
- Count down from 20
Or up to 20

Shadow Boxing
2x2mins & 1x3 minutes round

Bag Work & Technical Drills
At your own pace, fast/slow, switch bags, berserk, 5 seconds fast

The Fitness Circuit = Repeat the circuit four times (total = 19 minutes)

3 min. Pushups Drill
3 complete circuits x 3 minutes each + 2 x 30-second breaks

1) Run on the spot & punch out for 15 seconds;
Then do 5 pushups
2) Run on the spot & punch/dig in (like for uppercuts) for 15 seconds;
Then do 5 pushups.

3) Run on the spot & punch upwards (asd at So_O. 6" tall) for 15 seconds;
Then do 5 pushups.
The Boxing Circuit (takes 11 + 11 minutes)

Do 3 2-minute rounds and one 3-minute round of shadow boxing with 30-second breaks
Do 3 2-minute rounds and one 3-minute round on the heavy bag(s) with 30-second breaks

Shadow Boxing
As though you’re boxing yourself as you appear in the mirror. Useful for working on what you need to and helps create ‘muscle memory,’ so makes sure you remember to do it right.

Technical Drills
Stance x3 Foot Work x2
Rope Drills x3 Foot/ Dodging Movement, Dodging With Punches
Medicine Ball x4
Bag Drills x5
Stretching Routine = Muscle Stretched then Movement
1) Necks = Push one hand down and lean your head away from it.
2) Round back with hands together, palms in
3) Same as above with palms out
4) Look up and put your hands out to the side with thumbs up
5) Now rotate the thumbs down
6) Bring your hands together behind your back = Chest Stretch
7) Shoulder = Elbow across body & under your chin
8) Triceps = Over head triceps behind the head
9) Obliques = Side bends Put one foot crossed in front of the other, put the weight on the back foot and the hand that matches goes over the body
10) Neck/Groin = Wide squat, toes forward and lean to one side and look over that shoulder. Then switch. When done, walk feet in.
11) Calves= Step forward with knee bent and back leg straight.
a. Now grab the hand on the same side as the straight leg and pull, twisting the shoulders over the bent knee.(obliques)
b. Next, bend the back leg focusing on the lower calf and keep the front leg straight (Tibialis Anterior). Now feet together and switch.
12) Hamstrings = Now sit with your butt on the ground. Both legs are together in front, and bring one foot in to your knee and stretch out to the extended leg. Then switch legs.
13) Hamstrings = Have both legs extended and stretch out to both feet.
14) Now put both of your feet under your body and go on your hands & knees. Push your bellybutton to the floor and look forward and up.
15) Now pull you belly button up towards the ceiling bring in your abdominals and looking toward your knees.
16) Slide forward between your hands and place your elbows on the ground and stretch through your abdominals.
17) Walk backs with your hands and sit on your heels and walk your hands out together and stretch through your lower back and sides. (Lat)
18) Now bring your elbows by your side to get lower.
19) Roll on your toes onto your hells, bring your fingers to your toes and slowly roll up your body.
20) Quadriceps = Grab your ankle behind your back toward your butt. Then switch.
21) Rounding your arms out to the side and up over your head push to the ceiling while taking in a deep breathe. Do this 3 times.

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I'll give you rep just for writing all of that.

I do alot of skipping. I usually do an Irish jig skip when I do it. I also recently got a jumprope that it equivolent(sp?) to a 6 foot fire hose thats about 10 lbs all together. Its super hard and is a good workout.

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wow...good workout...kinda similar in structure to my kicboxing workouts....we do a huge warmout/circuit for like 25 mins before even touching the bags or drills..awesone job

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To simplify it....
Skipping- 15 min.
Cardio and Pushup Circuits- 30 min.
Shadow Boxing- 15 min.
Sparring/Bag work- 30 mins.
Technical Drills- 15mins.
Stretching- 15 mins. :happy04:
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