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She is talking about being on bottom and breaking your opponents posture, what are you talking about?
He's talking about being on the top, inside of the guard. He's wrong, but that's what he's talking about.

The fact is, Wukka (and I'm sure you figured this out, but I'm saying it anyway), his statement is totally ridiculous.

It's called a f*cking can opener. I have to explain why this move works to every BJJ guy I train with, and I'm frustrated.

Anyway, on to BJJ girls' post. (by the way, you're a good poster, and I'm not trying to beat up on you, I promise, I do it to everybody)

incorporating no gi training should not make you feel intimidated or like your 'starting over'

In Guard- instead of grabbing the lapel cup the head and neck (think of a thai clench with one one hand)
For armbars and arm control cup the elbows
For omoplatas (instead of controlling the opponents belt) reach over the body to the other arm
Actually, you should do all of these things in gi grappling too, as they provide better leverage and make it much more difficult to escape.

The thing that I always get on my juniors students for doing is grabbing the wrist. It provides absolutely no control whatsoever. I've escaped probably close to 10,000 armbars in my time training and when people ask me how I do it I give them one of two answers:

I have freakishly flexible shoulders.

You never had the armbar to begin with.

Not cupping the tricept is the primary reason for problem number two.

In gi grappling, you just get the fabric to increase the grip. Always use the same leverage points.

I train with a black belt now that has great no gi experience, but he attributes all his no gi success to his gi training...
This is actually the most important thing I think that anyone has said on the thread.

Look at the guys who win ADCC consistently. (Marcelo Garcia, Marcio Cruz, Roger Gracie, etc.) All of them (including Jeff Monson, I've seen it, I swear) train with the gi on. So does every top submission fighter in MMA.

I can't reiterate enough how important that is.

As for your post of Xande's fight, Br, you're entitled to your opinion. I just spent the day watching the BJJ pan am's, and I'm watching tape right now to prep for the strikeforce event tomorrow night, and I will say simple, I still think you're absolutely wrong.

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