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Golden Glory Lightning around the world

Golden Glory is honouring their name as gold shines and glory comes from victory. When Alistair Overeem defeated Brett Rogers by total domination by scoring and early ko victory in round one

he defended the strikeforce heavyweight belt with success.

In the same month of May 2010 Golden Glory teammates Dion Starring and Jason Jones came in action:

May 21 2010
FURY 1 "Clash of the Titans"
City of Dreams Grand Hyatt Ballroom, Cotai, Macau

Dion Staring defeated Peter Graham by armbar in 3.45 minutes in the first round. Jason Jones defeated Minoru Kato by TKO ( due to a cut in his forehead by an elbow) in 2.12 minutes in the first round.

K-1 Bucharest event in Romania on May 21st, the same day as the Macau event. Errol Zimmerman defeated Catalin Morasanou in the fasted ko club record of Golden Glory 9 seconds in the first round by right knee followed by a right hook:


Alistair's brother Valentijn Overeem started this year 2010 with a vicious high kick victory in Marseille France in less then 10 seconds into the first round. Valentijn was scheduled in a MMA fight in Romania against the strong Romanian fighter Catalin Zmarandescu. The fight took no longer then 30 seconds, the Golden Glory fighter landed a big right hand followed by a knee and the fight was over:


Third fight in Romania was Halim Issaoui from Golden Glory, fighting William Sriyapai, winning by points one of the best fights of the night during the K-1 Bucharest event.

Then its time for Gokhan Saki to shine in his long awaited fight against Melvin Manhoef at the it’s showtime Amsterdam Arena event. For a 20.000 person live audience Gokhan Saki showed again why Golden Glory is the best fighting team in the world. Saki kicks so hard in round two that Melvin receives an eight count, then again Saki scores with a high kick to finish the fight with a left hook by ko

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMwgRfBnUCA .

Another Golden Glory fighter Nieky Holzken takes on the strong Brazilian fighter Cosmo Alexandre at the it’s showtime event in the Amsterdam Arena. At the end of round one Nieky knocks down Cosmo with a big left hook and Cosmo receives an eight count. The following two rounds Holzken is professional enough to not make any mistakes and wins another important fight this year


Then the last fight of Golden Glory fighter Ahmed Bayrak who fights in the month of May 2010 resulted in a submission win:

May 29, 2010M-1Selection 2010 - Western Europe Round 3 Helsinki Ice Hall, Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

Ahmed Bayrak def Jermaine Voetman by armbar 2.12m in the first round.
Dion Starring became shooto chapion on the same day may 29th in Holland by scoring two submission victories.
Eleven fights in the month of May, 9 ko’s/submissions and two point victories and no losses. Golden Glory proves again to the world it is the best stand up team in the world and it is moving more and more towards the MMA scene. It is rumoured Valentijn and Kharitonov will sign with strikeforce after Marloes and Siyar already inked a deal with Strikeforce. With Golden Glory fighters dominating K-1 and also fighting in Dream and Strikeforce and shows as its showtime Amsterdam, it’s the busiest and most successful team in the world of fighting sports. They prove this to win every fight and by doing this the management is successfully booking G.G fighters around the world.

I am proud to be one of the managers of this great team and would like to thank the partners and trainers and fighters for this accomplishment , it’s a great start of the year after a great golden glory performance April 3th 2010 at the Yokohama Arena, it only got better.Its Golden Glory shining bright like lightning around the world.

Story Bas Boon
Pictures © Its Showtime
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