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Gracie ju-jitsu

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out of all of the mma techniques. Grecie ju-jitsu(Brizilian ju-jitsu) is my favorate. recently the Gracies were guests on Quite Frankly w. Stephen A. Smith and they displayed the benifits of their craft. They said that the brilliant thing about Gracie ju-jitsu is that it allows you to use the opportunities giving to you by an opponent. they also added that the technique was designed to allows a person without physicall power or naturall strength to have advantages in a fight that any other techs. could'nt defend.
All the other techniques relies so much on strength and i find if cool that Gracie ju-jitsu does'nt
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Work on your spelling and you might get more responses. I've been a student of Brazilian Jiu-jistu for about 3 and a half years know. It's good in street fighting and the application in the ring is fantastic. It's the solution for wrestlers and the groung and pound.
Royce and Rickson also have a series of videos, heres one.
IronMan said:

hey not to nit pick cause I enjoy reading your posts but ummmmm ...
I think it's more accurate to call it an evolution of judo considering Horion developed it from judo.
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