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Onganju said:
Hello all. This is my official intro thread. In which case I guess I'll say, "WASSSSUUUPPP?!"

Myself, I've been a Martial Arts enthusiast ever since I was a little kid. I can thank Bruce Lee and Kung Fu theatre for that. I'm also a pro-wrestling fan, but just a fan at that.

I've trained in TKD for about a 18 months when I was in grade school. Constantly messed around with Martial Arts through out middle school. I wrestled for 2 years in High School, and have spent odd times hitting the mats with my friends whenever we get that wild hair up our collective bums to roll.

Currently, I probably do a lot more researching and keeping up with MA, MMA and the sport in general. I'm looking to get back into training seriously, more for my own health than to compete. Otherwise, working in the Video Game industry will just add pounds to my rear.

Other than that, I'm a huge Video Game geek, husband and occasional artist and poet. Some of the greatest philosophers, artist and writers were also some of the greatest warriors in the history of the world. I guess the ability to create is always a great counter-point to the wanton destruction and death that combat can bring about, so it seems.

BTW--Nice place you have here. I'll probably stick around for a while.
Cool! I'm also into computer design... though not the gaming aspect of it, more into the CGI movies and whatnot. Currently getting a degree in 3d Modeling/Animation and Graphic Design. Plus I also am an artist too (painting, photography, poetry, sculpting, and the animation of course.) Nice to meet you. :)
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