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- 8/11/06

Georges St. Pierre just got his brown belt diectly from Renzo Gracie's hand at the New-York Renzo Gracie Academy. From now, GSP is the fourth Tristar's athlete to have the chance to get a belt from Renzo Gracie's hand. The others are : Angelo Exharakos (purple), Mark Colangelo (purple), Jean-Philippe Leclerc (blue) and Georges St. Pierre (brown). Even if he's considered as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, GSP is always seriously training to improve his techniques. GSP will face Matt Hughes in a championship bout at the UFC 63 on September 23rd, 2006 - which will take place in California at the Arrowhead Pond In Anaheim.


Congrats are in order for GSP.

That event is gonna be so awesome. Hope the card gets stacked (if it isn't already...I'm not sure)! Can't wait to get my tickets! :thumbsup:
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