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i think bj will beat matt and as for gsp vs bj i aint sure i still give it to bj i mean after there last fight st piarre had to go to the hospital while BJ went to the bar to look at the ladies

i belive had there first fight been a 5 round fight bj would have won but on the other hand gsp is hungary so either way the welterweight div is the most exiting at the moment i hate the 205 div what a load of bums there is no one to challenge chuck at all so mutch so that the title fights are just reapeating themselfs. i really hated it when chuck sead he was the best in the world without argument NO HE ISNT he may be the best 205 in the ufc chuck liddel is a wimp he is to scared to leave his comfert zone the last time he tried to face tougher competition was when he went to pride and he got his ass kicked i am sick of seeing him face the same fighters over and over agein ITS POINTLESS he should go to PRIDE FC if he dominates there then he can say he is the best
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