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Following the UFC 112 weigh-ins in Abu Dhabi, welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre conducted an hour long Q & A session where he addressed the criticism directed towards him in the wake of the Dan Hardy bout and touched on a number of other topics. 411's Samer Kadi was on site...

- On whether he thought the criticism was warranted, St. Pierre said he believed there are two types of fans, those "who just want to watch a brawl", and those "who understand what is going on". He said he tried to finish Dan Hardy and was inches away on two occasions, but credited Hardy's technique and heart for the escapes.

- He said he approaches every fight as a mathematical problem, and always looks to stack the odds in his favor. He felt his striking was superior to Hardy, but felt he would have a much bigger advantage on the ground.

- On the potential rematches awaiting him in the welterweight divisions, he said he always prefers to fight new guys but says he has no problem giving a rematch to anyone who earns it.

- On a potential move to the middleweight division, St. Pierre believed it is something he will likely make in the future. He said he would need the time to put on the weight properly and it would be a permanent move. He went on to add that he would love to challenge for the title as title fights are "more interesting for him".

- When asked about Anderson Silva's comments on wanting to drop down to 170 to challenge himself, St. Pierre said he would welcome the move and called a potential bout with Silva "the biggest fight in UFC history".

- He said Demian Maia has a chance against Silva as long as he can get the fight to the ground.

- He called Jon Fitch the toughest opponent he's ever faced and compared him to the terminator. He went on to add that Fitch's problem is that he beats everyone by the slightest of margins, regardless of the quality of his opponent.

- He said a bout with BJ Penn wouldn't make sense at this point in time as he would have nothing to gain. He said he wouldn't mind a third fight with The Prodigy as long as he works his way up the welterweight ladder.

- He said he would like to see Penn face Fitch or Thiago Alves, but didn't think BJ would get past Alves.

- When asked about which fighter he dislikes the most, he said he doesn't hate anybody but that he didn't appreciate Penn's comments in the wake of their rematch last year.

- He believes Shane Carwin would knock Brock Lesnar out but admitted to being biased due to Carwin's affiliation with Greg Jackson's camp.

- When asked whether he felt Shogun Rua should adjust his strategy in his upcoming rematch with Lyoto Machida, St. Pierre said he felt Shogun had the right strategy in their first encounter and that he shouldn't make too many changes. He said Shogun's kicks were very effective because they took away Machida's counter-punching efficiency. He went on to call Shogun and Machida as his two favorite fighters to watch.

- He said kids wanting to become mixed martial artists should do gymnastics first to become better athletes.

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Which one, I missed it?
Goldy mentioned that Brock looked huge compared to Carwin in the face-off.
GSP responded that at the weight they're both at, the size differences don't matter anymore, because if any of them connect - it's over. The brain can't take that impact.
So he concluded that maybe it's an advantage for Carwin, cause he may be quicker, due to being smaller.

If you look at the Mir fight - those uppercuts were lightning fast, I'm not sure if Brock can throw that fast and explosive strikes.

-I heard you sparred with Carwin.. How did that go?
-Hit and run.
That cracked me up too :thumb02:
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