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Guy Mezger was born on Janurary 1, 1968 in Houston, Texas. Guy fights out of the Lion's Den Dallas and is a submission fighting expert. He stands 6'1 and weights in at 200lbs. Guy Mezger has fought all over the world and in many forms of competitions. He has a winning MMA record of 28-14-2.

Fighting History:
Win-Daniel Bergman TKO EVT 1-Genesis 12/6/2003
Loss-Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Decision PRIDE 24-Cold Fury 3 12/23/2002
Win-Yoshihisa Yamamoto Decision PRIDE 22-Beasts From The East 2 9/29/2002
Loss-Ricardo Arona Decision PRIDE 16-Beasts From The East 9/24/2001
Loss-Chuck Liddell KO PRIDE 14-Clash of the Titans 5/27/2001
Win-Egan Inoue KO PRIDE 13-Collision Course 3/25/2001
Win-Alexander Otsuka TKO KOTC 7-Wet and Wild 2/24/2001
Win-Alexander Otsuka TKO PRIDE 12-Cold Fury 12/9/2000
Loss-Wanderlei Silva KO PRIDE 10-Return of the Warriors 8/27/2000
Win Masaaki Satake Decision PRIDE Grand Prix 2000-Finals 5/1/2000
Loss-Kazushi Sakuraba Forfeit PRIDE Grand Prix 2000-Opening Round 1/30/2000
Loss-Akira Shoji Decision PRIDE 6-PRIDE 6 7/4/1999
Loss-Tito Ortiz TKO UFC 19-Ultimate Young Guns 3/5/1999
Win-Yuki Kondo Decision Pancrase-Advance 12 12/19/1998
Win-Ryushi Yanagisawa Decision Pancrase-1998 Anniversary Show 9/14/1998
Loss-Semmy Schilt TKO Pancrase-Advance 8 6/21/1998
Win-Masakatsu Funaki Decision Pancrase-Advance 5 4/26/1998
Win-Ryushi Yanagisawa Decision Pancrase-Advance 4 3/18/1998
Win-Johnny Magilonico Submission WPC-World Pankration Championships 2 1/16/1998
Win-Satoshi Hasegawa TKO Pancrase-Alive 11 12/20/1997
Win-Kiuma Kunioku KO Pancrase-Alive 9 10/29/1997
Win-Paul Lazenby Submission WPC-World Pankration Championships 1 10/26/1997
Loss-Masakatsu Funaki Submission Pancrase-1997 Anniversary Show 9/6/1997
Win-Keiichiro Yamamiya Decision Pancrase-Alive 7 6/30/1997
Win-Tito Ortiz Submission UFC 13-The Ultimate Force 5/30/1997
Win-Christophe Leninger Decision UFC 13-The Ultimate Force 5/30/1997
Loss-Yuki Kondo Decision Pancrase-Alive 2 2/22/1997
Win-Semmy Schilt Decision Pancrase-Alive 1 1/17/1997
Win-Yuki Kondo Decision Pancrase-Truth 10 12/15/1996
Loss-Kiuma Kunioku Decision Pancrase-Truth 7 10/8/1996
Win-Ryushi Yanagisawa Decision Pancrase-1996 Anniversary Show 9/7/1996
Draw-Osami Shibuya Draw Pancrase-Truth 6 6/25/1996
Win-Minoru Suzuki TKO Pancrase-Truth 5 5/16/1996
Win-Ryushi Yanagisawa KO Pancrase-Truth 4 4/8/1996
Win-Manabu Yamada TKO Pancrase-Truth 3 4/7/1996
Win-Takaku Fuke Decision Pancrase-Truth 3 4/7/1996
Loss-Bas Rutten Submission Pancrase-Truth 2 3/2/1996
Win-Gregory Smit Decision Pancrase-Truth 1 1/28/1996
Loss-Minoru Suzuki TKO Pancrase-Eyes Of Beast 7 12/14/1995
Draw-Ryushi Yanagisawa Draw Pancrase-Eyes Of Beast 6 11/4/1995
Loss-Masakatsu Funaki Submission Pancrase-1995 Anniversary Show 9/1/1995
Win-John Renfroe Submission Pancrase-1995 Neo-Blood Tournament, Round 2 7/23/1995
Win-John Dowdy TKO UFC 5-The Return of the Beast 4/7/1995
Win-Jason Fairn TKO UFC 4-Revenge of the Warriors 12/16/1994

-He is a professional Kickboxer
-Came out of retirement to fight Tito Ortiz for their third fight
-Runs a fighting gym out of Dallas, Texas
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