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Hey kiddies,

Just registered and thought I would come by and say a little 'alo to y'all.

Some things I enjoy besides MMA:

Cars - I am in the process of putting an LS1 into an 88 RX-7, and am shooting for 10's next season! I'm aiming to drop the motor in on the weekend of the 27th of October (next weekend), so it's a very exciting time for me.

I also have a mildly modded 98 GTP for my dd, in fact...I had a ton of racing videos up on Clubgp.com, but I lost my main hosting site so I don't have a place to host them. :( The GTP's best time at the track was 13.6 with a 2.24 60ft and a trap of ~104.

Videogames - Mainly CS:S but I play a lot of console in my free time, which is in short supply this semester. Usually, the only times I'll play games online (CS:S) is when I have a free night and my friend invites me over and we'll drink beer and kill people all night long. Usually pretty fun after 10 or so beers a piece. The next time we play we don't have a clue why our names are changed.

Photography - Same with videogames, something I do with my free time, but I have hardly any free time this semester. I use a Canon Rebel XT (350d) with a 28-105mm, 100-300mm, and a 100mm macro lens. My portfolio is here for anyone who is interested.

And that's about it, any questions about anything feel free to post and/or PM me. Later all!
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