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The gym where I train has a LOT of different styles under one roof. The kickboxing style there is primarily San Da, but we have a couple of instructors who are actually Muay Thai-trained, and a few people who used to do Muay Thai and have switched over to San Da. I've noticed a lot of variation between practitioners on the same technique. There's definitely more than one right way to throw a round kick, for instance. (that's something for another thread.)

Anyways, one technique that I wanted to discuss in particular was the switch kick. I posted this in Muay Thai rather than in general standup technique because I want to specifically discuss the Southeast Asian kickboxing style switch kick. (As opposed to, say, the TKD switchkick where you actually switch your stance.)

So, there are three ways that I've seen the switchkick thrown by different MT practitioners at my gym. Each originally came from a different gym, and each has taught me to throw it a different way.

One way is to switch with a forward skip so it brings you into range (like a stutter step when you string multiple kicks together.)

Another is to switch in place in a single motion, without the stutter step.

The first two are methods that I'm comfortable with doing myself. The third is something that my teammate has tried to explain to me, but I haven't been able to replicate. He does a slight stutter and angles his entire body to the side he's kicking during the switch -- rather than switching in place or moving forward. (To elaborate, he actually travels sideways a bit as he throws it. He says its to give him more room for his kick to travel)

So let me ask you, members of mmaforum... How were YOU taught to switchkick and what is the advantage of that variation? Also if you feel like posting videos, that'd be pretty sweet.
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