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Hey everyone, today I'm going to be talking about how to utilize the point fighting stance in mma. Specifically I'm going to break down the fighting style of Stephen thompson.

Please keep in mind that he was only able to utilize this stance AFTER training in kickboxing and grappling arts for the UFC. Without those elements, having a point fighting stance won't do you any good in an mma bout against a more well rounded martial artist.


First, Let's take look at stephen thompson's point fighting stance.

His feet are "bladed" and pointed parallel to eachother. Here are some of the disadvantages of this stance (that wonderboy is clearly aware of, because he never throws them)

1) It's very easy to telegraph a cross

2) You're susceptible to leg kicks

3) If they close in the gap you have an easier chance of getting your back taken.

Now that the disadvantages are out of the way and adressed, let's adress the benefits of this stance. From here, if you are a skilled striker, you can throw a variety of kicks to throw your opponent off guard.

Let's break them down:

Option 1: Side Kick

This is the most obvious choice being in this stance. If you were in a traditional kickboxing stance, you'd have to adjust your knee position to be able to throw the kick. You can also adjust the height to go from the knee, ribs, or even head.

Option 2: Hook Kick / Axe Kick


This option is great for throwing your opponent off guard because the set up for a lead hook kick is the exact same for a side kick. So you could fake your opponent for a body kick when you can swing it up top and swipe across the face. Another option is axe kick. While not a traditionally "pretty" axe kick, you can do a "diagonal" axe kick. Requires some additional hip movement but attacks a not so common protected area of the head like the top.

Option 3: Round Kick


Notice how wonderboy doesn't throw body round kicks with his head leg in the point fighting stance. This is because doing snap kicks are only useful when doing head kicks. Setting these up with blitz punches has served him well in overwhelming his opponent.

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I know this is old but my goodness, what a beautiful display of distance control by Wonderboy at UFC 217. Masvidal was super stiff and looked lost---didn't really know how to cover the distance. Crazy how good Wonderboy has gotten in just a few years. If you look at his striking when he was in WCL, you can tell it has come a long way in adapting his karate striking for MMA.
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