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Maybe this is old news to you "residents" here but I'm new. This is only my second post. Anyway, a friend told me that Gracie does not have to make weight for this fight. Is this true? If so neither one will have to weigh in and win or lose, Hughes will retain his belt.

I like Hughes and I think that he will win and I don't think that he would throw a fight, but this "rumor" that I have heard does make one wonder if the other rumor is true about it being "fixed."

God, I hope not...

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Sub By Armbar said:
Just your standard Gracie fight. They always have to have some kind of special rules for their matches. I am surprised they are making him fight without the gi. I doubt that it is fixed though.
I agree. I like watching Royce fight with the gi because it adds this new element, but that's alright.
I don't think Matt would through a fight, and at the same time i think Royce has to much ego in his UFC dominance to let them throw a fight. He's pretty self-righteous.
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