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After 5 years of training in American Free Style Kickboxing i have finnaly got my black belt. If you look at my training log it's not very inpressive as of late but ive just been lazy with it. Im back down in vancouver and i strike 6 days a week and im working towards my first degree.

there's prob some of u asked "i didn't think kickboxing has belts?"

but American free style was created to give karate and tkd guys a chance to compete for money in a ring, so the martial art of american free style is based on several diffrent karate forms.

Anyway if ur ever in vancouver come by perfection kickboxing which has 2 black belts now.

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Congratulations on your black belt. Hard earned, no doubt. And best of luck working towards your first degree, those six days a week will pay off, I'm sure.

I don't think I'll ever be in your area, but appreciate the offer. If I ever somehow find myself around there, I'll have to remember to come check it out.
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