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In MMA we are ranked by the journalist around us. This is my attempt to rank the Journalist I have dealt with. These are my personal rankings and I look forward to updating them in
the coming months. Admittedly I have
not and cannot remember all the journalist I have dealt with but these are the
ones I read and respect their opinions.

I welcome your rankings.

MMA Journalist (this is not including Blog Sites)

1) Jeremy Botter – Heavy.com

2) Kevin Iole – Yahoo MMA

3) Ariel Helwani – Fanhouse.com

4) Mike Chippetta – Fanhouse.com

5) Franklin Mcneil – ESPN.com

6) John Morgan – MMA Junkie

7) Dann Stupp – MMA Junkie

8) Jeff Cain – MMA Weekly

9) Ken Pisnia MMA Weekly

10) ) Fight Magazine (will get name)

Honorable Mentions: Loretta Hunt, Steven Marrocco, Ben Fowlkes

Top 10 MMA Bloggers

1) Zeus – MiddleEasy.com (love the design and creative content)

2) Tim Ngo -5thround.com

3) Kris Karloski – MMAFrenzy.com

4) Maggie Hendricks CageWriter

5) Brian Oswald BleacherReport

6) Jesse Holland – MMAMania.com

7) Turk – MMAGosphel.com

8) Kid Nate- Bloddyelbow.com

9) Brian Leveick MMAMadness.com

10) Fightlinker

Honorable mention The UGNews, MMAscraps, MMAopinion, Derek Bolander


1) April Pishnia – MMAWeekly

2) Esther Lin – Allelbows.com

3) Steve Ferdman – Middleeasy.com

4) Tracy Lee – Combatlifestyle

5) Flavio Scorsato - Flickr
No Love for Sherdog :sarcastic07:

Personnaly Ariel Helwani from fanhouse is probably the best one

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Personally, I really like Jordan Breen. I haven't heard or read material from any journalist/blogger/reporter/radio host. The guy just knows mma.
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