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I wonder....

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I wonder what ever happened to Andre Pederneiras After he lost to Pat Miletich, in UFC 21 (loosing to a cut). He only fought twice more, both fights were a draw. Last fight was way back in 2000. If Dana could have found him...I would have liked to see him on the show.

BTW Mr. International is a fairy.... 34 victories with more then half of them by judges decision.....
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o_O OOOHHH YEAH...Tim Lacjik, and Ian Freeman Both great choices....Although both are up in age(2 yrs younger the ken shamrock) But at least freeman has more recent fight history then Tim (last fight 2002)

Oh and by the way his King of the cage record. Its like 4 wins 1 lose and 1 NC. So its not that great. But point taken.

But if he had fought Bas or Shamrock (Ken or Frank) in Pancrase his reacord would not be the same :)
lol judges decisions are a win...but more importantly they are only an opinion. If you ask as many people you know who won any fight via split decision. It can always go either way.

Now IMO Joe Doerksen IS A WAYYY better choice for a "Mr International" replacement. 35 wins....8 decisions...4 tko...and 28 Submission victories. AND ONLY 9 losses.

Or even Eugene Jackson could be considered "comback" material over shonie....

I am holding nothing against Shonnie. Its just every time I see his face on the show I can name 100 people more deserving then him. He has had plenty of time to shine. But thats only my opinion. :)

Its "the comeback"...Shonie has the least of everyone on the show to "comeback" from.
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