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Icon's Mayhem Vs. Giant fight card

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Friday, May 26th at the Blaisdell Arena in Hawaii.

Fights with MMA Rules

1. Open-Weight Fight, Three 5-Minute Rounds
Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Pig Hunters, Mt. Ka'ala
Stefan "Giant" Gamlin, Freelance, Peoria, Arizona

2. 170 Pounds, Three 3-Minute Rounds
Kimo Woelfel, Eastsidaz, Waimanalo
Mike Taniguchi, Animal House, Ewa Beach

3. 135 Pounds, Three 3-Minute Rounds
Ben Shrader, Freelance, Honolulu
Tyson Nam, Grappling Unlimited, Honolulu

4. 175 Pounds, Three 5-Minute Rounds
Anthony Torres, Team MMAD, Kailua
Jerry Hackney, Charleston, West Virginia

5. Heavyweight Fight, Three 5-Minute Rounds
"King Kong" Ray Seraille, Grappling Unlimited, Honolulu
Gary "Iron Bear" Myers, Muncie, Indiana

6. 170 Pounds, Three 5-Minute Rounds
Lawrence Shorter, St. Louis, Missouri
Sydney Silva, HMC, Honolulu

7. 155 Pounds, Three 3-Minute Rounds
Kaleo Kwon, Eastsidaz, Waimanalo
Marshall Harvest, Animal House, Ewa Beach

8. 170 Pounds, Three 3-Minute Rounds
Wayne Perrin, Big Dog, Waianae
Anthony Ornellas, Jus Rush

9. Heavyweight Fight, Three 3-Minute Rounds
Pat Collins, Team Papakolea, Honolulu
Jarret Lindsey, Bulls Pen, Honolulu

10. 165 Pounds, Three 3-Minute Rounds
Kimo Lee, Federation Koko, Honolulu
Derek Stadler, Bulls Pen, Honolulu

11. 210 Pounds, Three 3-Minute Rounds
Ron Verdadero, Jesus Is Lord, Waipahu
Kevnneth Gusman, Team Papakolea, Honolulu

12. 135 Pounds, Three 3-Minute Rounds
Jared Santos, Bulls Pen, Honolulu
Ikaika Silva, Animal House, Ewa Beach

Fights with Kickboxing Rules

125 Pounds, Three 90-Second Rounds
Stephen Palling Jr., Jesus Is Lord, Waipahu
Devon Damu, Animal House, Ewa Beach

150 Pounds, Three 90-Second Rounds
John Honda, Grappling Unlimited, Honolulu
Isaiah Adams, Animal House, Ewa Beach

Fights with Keiki Kickboxing Rules

55 Pounds, Two 60-Second Rounds
Tristan Kamaka, 808 Fight Factory, Waipahu
Nainoa, Wahiawa Jiu Jitsu, Wahiawa
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