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If the 3 lighter champs all moved up...

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There was a thread earlier that asked if BJ, GSP, and AS all moved up into the next weight class, which one would have the best shot at the heavier division's title. I was thinking about that same questions from the perspective of all the other people that are the current contenders in those divisions looking up at the champs. We've seen people move around to different weight classes and I'm guessing the dominance of the 3 champs has a little bit of something to do with that.

So I was wondering which opportunists (other than BJ, GSP, and AS) out there would also leave their current weight classes to try and take advantage of the voids left by the P4P Big 3 champs potentially vacating their belts? Of those, who would have the best chance of actually succeeding? I'm too tired to think right now but I was wondering what you all thought?
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If all three move up, I think all three have a good chance at the next weight class.

Penn wouldnt have to go through GSP. GSP wouldnt have to go through AS. And I think AS can hang with anyone in the LHW division. I think all three could succeed in the next heavier weight division.
it wont happen. Silva wont fight Machida and until he decides to fight him, you cant have him cleaning out contenders. I would love to see all 3 move up though.
It would be awesome. I think Penn would have the most trouble, because he is the most naturally suited to his current weight class. However, if he were to dedicate himself fully to it, and put on some legit weight (not flab), he would be a serious threat to pretty much everyone at WW.

GSP would have to put on more weight to maintain his current fighting style/gameplan. He like to dominate people through superior strength, conditioning, and technique. If he didn't add some muscle, he would get overpowered buy the heavier guys. His wresltling technique would still be there, and he would therefore still be a force.

Silva has already shown that he can dominate at LHW. He would have the easiest time because he already fights far below his natural weight. His striking would still be spades above all of his opponents except maybe Machida and Shogun, and his sub game would still be good. Therefore, he would dominate all LHW's except maybe the top couple fighters, who would give him an even challenge IMO.
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Hard to say, because I think that all 3 would do extremely well in their higher weight classes...

Although BJ would probably have the hardest time getting the belt with the depth at WW right now.
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