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Round 1

No touch of gloves, and Waterson starts right away with a strong kick. Penne throwing crisp punches, much better boxing already from Penne. Fighters clinch and Penne is driving Waterson into the fence, working for double underhooks. Penne now works for takedown, as the fighters do a lap of the cage, back to the fence and Penne pulls guard. Penne walks her guard up to Waterson's shoulders, slides back down and back up again. Penne gets an omoplata sweep and is now in Waterson's guard. Penne knee slides past the guard, but Waterson throwing her legs up to try to stop pass, Penne now in leg drag position and is controlling. Waterson throws up an armbar-triangle chain that forces Penne back into guard, and Waterson locks up high guard. Penne pulls out of the guard, Waterson looks for omoplata but Penne goes reverse knee on belly and Waterson spins back to guard. Waterson shoots an armbar but Penne slides out. Round ends, I'll give it to Penne for finishing the sweep and stopping all of Waterson's offense. 10-9 Penne

Round 2

Waterson misses with a kick but lands a right hand. Penne working a jab, and clinches. Knees in the clinch from both fighters, and Waterson gets the takedown. Penne works to a leg lock but ends up in guard again. Waterson trying to step over Penne's butterfly guard, looks like a sweep is going to happen but then Waterson kicks off the cage to mount! Very inventive move, and Penne is looking to use the fence to escape the mount but Waterson pushes off the cage, Penne gets to half guard. Penne tries another butterfly sweep and Waterson gets to side control. Back to half guard, and then to full guard for Penne, and now looking for a gogolata. Waterson steps over to half guard, and is able to escape. As Waterson stands up she lands a hard punch on Penne. Waterson lands a straight right as Penne goes to clinch, Waterson gets another takedown. Round ends with Waterson in Penne's guard. 10-9 Waterson.

Round 3

Waterson throwing kicks and Penne punches her way into the clinch and gets a trip takedown right away. Penne starts in side control and moves to mount, and Waterson gives up her back. Penne striking away as Waterson gets to half guard. Back to the full guard, Penne stands and stacks the guard, striking while Waterson inverts and gives up her back. Waterson goes back to guard and Penne continues to strike. Waterson gives up side control and Penne goes knee on belly, Waterson throws up her legs and Penne goes back to side control. Waterson rolls to the her knees and Penne is taking the back and is raining down elbows. Penne gets her hooks in with a minute and half left on the clock. Penne goes for armbar, Waterson is able to pull out a hitch hiker escape and get to the top. Penne fighting from half guard and gets a sweep. Round ends with Waterson defending herself in open guard. 10-9 Penn

Round 4

Fighters meet at center cage. Waterson throws an inside leg kick, Penne throwing jabs. Waterson moving, but Penne charges her into the fence and clinches up. Penne looks for inside trip and then a single leg, but Waterson defends well. Waterson gets double underhooks, Penne tries to pull butterfly guard but Waterson bases well, Penne follows up with some leg locks but Penne is able to escape. Penne pursues and gets a single leg. Waterson transitions to guard and armbar, lighting quick! Penne is tapping!!

Official Result

Michelle Waterson wins by Submission (Armbar) in Round 4 at 2:31
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