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Round 1

Young takes the center of the cage and pushes forward, Taylor clinches and gets Young against the cage. Young quickly spins then around and puts Taylor against the cage. They battle for underhooks, throwing an odd knee and they spin around again, come away from the cage and break. Young lands a nice right hand on the break, lands a left and then takes Taylor down right into mount. Taylor rolls quickly, Young gets body triangle and flattens Taylor down. Taylor gets to her knees and Young lets body triangle go and puts in hooks. Taylor sits up and Young is resting against cage looking for a rear naked choke, but it does look under the chin.

Taylor gets free and spins over to get on top in guard. Young shoots a triangle from guard and Taylor is stacking to defend. Young working the triangle tighter, Taylor trying to rotate around to pass, but Young doing a good job stopping the pass but the cage is making it hard to finish the choke. Young tries an armbar but Taylor postures out strikes a little and Young shoots another triangle, but Taylor was ready and moves to half guard. Young recovers guard and finishes the round battling in guard. Young 10-9

Round 2

Taylor throws a tentative jab, and Young lands a good leg kick. Fighters trade jabs, but seems like Young is landing better. Taylor finding a home for right cross, lands a knee in the clinch. Young is working Taylor's lead leg with kicks, slipping the right cross. Young starting to land body kicks and punches, she works her way in and clinches. Taylor drops down and gets a single leg takedown against the cage, rotating trying to Young off the cage. Taylor gets her posture and is able to strike, Young wall walks back to feet, Taylor controlling against the cage.

Taylor gets a double leg and is trying to suck Young away from the cage. Taylor stands and Young sits back to guard, looking for an armbar right away. Young is able to rotate her hips, but Taylor is able to pull her arm out, both get to feel but Taylor drags Young to the ground and takes back. Taylor striking away, Young not moving much, just blocking strikes. Taylor gets her hooks in, the 10 second warning claps as Taylor looks for the choke. The round ends with out a choke. 10-9 Taylor.

Round 3

Swing round starts and both fighters throw strikes at the center of the cage. Young works Taylor back towards the cage, and they trade jabs. Young going back to the those leg kicks, and Taylor clinches, looking for that single leg again. Taylor gets the takedown as Young hunts for kimura. Taylor strikes to body to force Young to let go of arm, which she does. Full guard now from Young, Taylor stands and Young tries to angle for armbar but can't move much against the cage. Young trying to create space by pushing Taylor away, and Tayor passes to side control and starts kneeing the body. Young moves her hips well and tired for armbar, not real attempt but it created space for Young to sit up and get back against fence. Taylor gets her away from the fence and starts dropping elbows from the half guard. Young against works back to cage, but can't sit up as Taylor rains down strikes. Round ends as Taylor continues to strike from half guard. 10-9 Taylor

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Lauren Taylor 29-28

Official Result: Lauren Taylor def. Kaitlin Young via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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