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Round 1

No glove touch, as Honchak is circling around Porto, who is in the center of the cage. Porto already looking set up leg kicks, lands a heavy outside kick to the thigh. Porto overreaches on a overhand right and Honchak lands good counters. Porto again overreaches and Honchak counters with three punches. Now Honchak lands an outside leg kick. Porto really looking for that right hand, but not setting it up, while Honchak is throwing combinations. Now Porto is finding her range, landing leg kicks just out of Honchak's range, but now Honchak is answer with kicks of her own. Big right hand from Porto is slipped nicely by Honchak. Another punch slipped by Honchak and she clinches, putting Porto against the cage. They break part and strike to finish round. Honchak did a better job controlling the distance in that feeling out round. 10-9 Honchak

Round 2

Honchak circling again out of her corner, Porto working a jab this round. Porto switching stances as Honchak kicks to leg. Porto really wants that right hand. Porto lands a very nice outside leg kick. Honchak starting to throw more punches as she establishes her range. Porto starting to let go with leg kicks now and it seems like Honchak might be getting less mobile. Another heavy leg kick from Porto lands and Honchak's punches are starting to come up short. Honchak lands outside leg kick but Porto answers with right hand. Honchak drives forward with nice combo. Honchak trying to mount more offense and Porto is just backing off instead of countering. There is a counter right from Porto and then a leg kick. Porto was able to establish her range that round and controlled the engagements. 10-9 Porto

Round 3

Honchak opens round with a heavy leg kick and some jabs. Porto slapping at Honchak's lead hand, and throwing leg kicks. Honchak still moving pretty well and is answering all of Porto's kicks. Porto overreaches again on a right hand and Honchak lands a great counter right hook. A right hand now lands for Porto but Honchak seems unhurt, and now charges forward on a Porto leg kick. A nice jab, leg kick, jab combo from Honchak. A good jab-cross from Honchak lands, Porto seems more hesitant to throw. Porto throws a leg kick and Honchak lands a hard counter right hand. It is now Honchak who looks more mobile as Porto appears to be slowing. More leg kicks from Honchak.

Honchak took control of the fight back with that round, 10-9 Honchak.

Round 4

Fighters trading pawing jabs early and Honchak goes back to the leg kicks. Honchak charges forward with some wild hooks, but nothing lands. Porto gets Honchak moving back and lands a good right hand. Honchak slips throwing a head kick and does a backwards roll to escape a charging Porto, who allows Honchak to stand. Honchak works forward with a combination of punches. Fighters are now trading single shots. Honchak continues to widle down Porto's legs with kicks. Honchak finishes round picking shots at range with Porto lands a few nice kicks. 10-9 Honchak

Round 5

Porto starts round throwing right hands, but Honchak rolling with punch and countering. Honchak driving Porto back with combination punches while Porto continues to throw single shots. Honchak angles off a punch well and Porto almost almost walks into right hand. Portoa shoots in for takedown, gets it and then stands back up, big mistake. Honchak seems content to sit back and counter this round, starting the throw more right hands. Honchak ducks under punch, tries for takedown, but unable to get things to the mat. Punches fly as the fight ends. 10-9 Honchak

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Barb Honchak 49-46

Official Result

Barb Honchak wins by Decision (50-45, 49-46, 48-47)
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