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Round 1

Both fighers come out and Gurgel starts by throwing some very hard kicks. Maia has taken the center of the cage and is walking Gurgel down, finding her range. Maia throws a lead hook and clinches, pushing Gurgel into the cage. Both fighters battling with over-unders, Maia looking for a trip, but Gurgel gets double underhooks and swims in to get one underhook back. Clinch battle against the cage continues and Gurgel cross-faces and Ref Big John breaks them apart.

Maia circling around Gurgel, works Gurgel against the cage and lands some sharp punches. They clinch against the cage again. Knees to the legs by Maia, Gurgle is able to switch their positions but Maia puts her back against the fence rather quickly. A nice trip by Gurgel, but Maia bounces right back up. The fighters flurry as the round ends. Tepid round I'll award to Maia. 10-9 Maia

Round 2

Maia walking Gurgel down again, Gurgel throws lead elbow that misses. Again Maia strikes her way to clinch and has Gurgel against the cage. Maia working for double underhooks, and gets them and presses Gurgel against the cage again. Maia knees to the legs as Gurgel struggles to escape the cage. Gurgel goes for a hip toss, but again ends up against the cage. Ref breaks them apart, and Gurgel unable to keep Maia away. Clinched against the cage again and Maia knees the leg. A front kick from Maia lands to Gurgel's face and now fighters exchanging hard kicks at range. Maia attempts flying knee, Gurgel catches it and clinches with Maia. The round ends as Maia gains the upper hand and presses Gurgel into the fence. 10-9 Maia

Round 3

Maia now striking, throwing hard punches and knees. Gurgel backs up to the cage and Maia clinches her against the cage. Over-under battle resumes, Gurgel unable to mount any offense as Maia smothers her against the cage. Ref breaks them up again, and the action resumes. Gurgel throwing push kicks, desperately trying to keep the distance, but again Maia drives straight forward and get the clinch. This time it is Gurgel pushing Maia into the fence, but Maia escapes and now fighters exchange. Gurgel's back is to the fence and Maia is landing punches well. Maia pushes forward and clinches. Gurgel finally finishes a head lock throw but Maia bounces right up to top position. Gurgel kicks Maia off, stands up but they finish... you guessed it clinched against the cage. Gurgel tries for a flying armbar but the bell rings, ending the match. 10-9 Maia

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Jennifer Maia 30-27

Official Result: Jennifer Maia def. Zoila Frausto Gurgel via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
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