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Anyone think there seems to be a few poser's on TUF 11 this year? like they want to be on tv and be famous with the contract being just a added bonus. Think back to series one when they were all hard fighters who wanted nothing more than to just fight and prove themselves not giving a crap what they looked like. There was some in the new series in the first and second episodes standing there with cool shade's on and all there crisp mma gear on looking the part but not backing it up like mr half green hair who was a complete novice in his defeat.
Some of them like Side show bob and other's are swaggering walking and talking like there already big named fighters who are living the lifestyle of a fighter when some of them have only had 2-3 mma fights. That French guy was a joke aswel standing with his shade's on looking like a celeb until he got hit and would not come back out from his corner:sarcastic12: what a ***. How do people like him get on that show. I know teenagers that would bang him out at my club.
To sum it up i feel with the UFC fighters being more celeb and mainstream nowdays its attracting alot of idiots at local clubs and the Ultimate fighter show trying to get famous without realising what it takes to be a real fighter. Surely there was a few more up and coming hard men like the forrest Griffins and Lebens of the past that want to bang and not just "talk the talk" with there cocky attitudes. We will see in coming weeks there is a few there that wont be able to go hard in the octagon when tested properly.
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