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As promised.

Back in the bigs
Jason MacDonald
April 29, 2010

It's essential I get a convincing win in Montreal to show everybody I deserve to be back in the UFC.

Since my last blog Saturday morning, it's been pretty crazy for me. First, after my win Friday night, I absolutely ate myself into oblivion. I had a couple of big bags of chips, some burgers, etc., which is pretty typical for me after a fight.

But I was feeling so bad after that I came into the gym on Monday morning and I worked my butt off. Then I came home for lunch and got the text I've been waiting on for a year now. Joe Silva, the UFC's matchmaker, asked if I was hurt and if I was in shape. I told him I was, and I was good to go. And on Tuesday I signed my contract to return to the UFC and fight John Salter in Montreal on May 8.

I'm extremely, extremely excited. It's fortunate for me, but unfortunate for David Loiseau he wasn't able to get licensed quick enough.

I basically treated my fight on Friday night like a hard sparring session. I had two workouts on Monday and every day since. I've basically treated it as an extension of my training camp for my last fight.

And then I got a call from Joe saying he had heard that I had gotten a cut over my eye in my last fight and that it was bleeding and opening up in training. So he was concerned and wanted to make sure there were no issues.

Well it's true I got a Velcro scratch under my eye from the fight and it was bleeding a little bit. But after the fight was over, the ringside physician didn't stitch them and said there was no need to do anything because they weren't cuts they were scrapes. I told Joe they're virtually healed and gone already.

On top of that, I had to get my pre-fight medical done because my old one was out of date. I just did that and there were absolutely no problems. Everything is signed, sealed and delivered.

I don't know if someone was trying to sabotage me or if it was just a bad rumour, but it's funny how these things spread.

My goal was to get back into the UFC and after some tough fights, I've accomplished that. All three guys I beat were tough guys -- Vernon White's fought everyone in the business, Matt Horwich is former IFL champion with a pretty extensive resume, and Solomon Hutcherson, who I didn't give as much credit as I should have.

This is my second kick at the can and I'm going to make the most of it. Not too often do people get a second chance to pursue their dream and I'm going to do everything in my power to keep my ass in the UFC.

I signed a four-fight contract but obviously we all know how the UFC operates. It's absolutely essential I get not just a win, but a convincing win to show everybody I deserve to be there.

One of my students came to me at the gym and asked me, "Did you realize you've fought as many times in the past year as Salter has in his whole career?" I laughed and said, "C'mon don't put any more pressure on me."

Don't get me wrong, I'm not disrespecting Salter. He's a great wrestler and grappler and won his first four fights. But it just shows how busy I have been getting to here.

Jason 'The Athlete' MacDonald is a Canadian mixed martial artist. He lives in Red Deer, Alta., with his wife Kelly and four children, boys Tristin and Keel, and girls Jett and True. He blogs regularly for sportsnet.ca.

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Always enjoyed his blogs and his fights! He needs to put together solid game plans and he can do well.
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