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Jim Grover's Situational Self-Offense : A Hard-Core Guide to Offense-Based Defensive

This video picks up where Grover's Combatives series leaves off. Jim's approach when dealing with assaults from predators on the street is to psychologically turn the tables on your assailant. In other words, "to immediately take offensive charge of a situation." As he explains it, "defensive is all about what the attacker is doing to you. Situational self-offense is what you do to your assailant." Jim shows how to escape from headlocks, chokes, stop a weapon draw, knife counter techniques and much more in this great DVD. It is important to note that this is not a formal martial arts type of film, but rather a reality based combatives approach to dealing with attacks from predators. The techniques shown are simple, effective and efficient. This is a film for anyone who is serious about learning how to deal with street attacks.
1 hr 24 min | 598 Mb

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