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hi everyone
the names Joe and ive always had an interest in Mixed martial arts and self defense training of any kind really,

i did karate kickboxing as a kid but quit due to being a teenager and wanting to go out all the time instead of working on fitness (im sure weve all been there)

however recently i have been getting really involved in fitness, i have been writing my own programmes and diets and hitting the gym four times a week at least with scheduled punchbag and cardio workouts as well as strength training..

anywaaays, ive decided that im going to try and get back into the whole self defense thing by signing up to my local MMA club but i dont want to join up as a complete rookie, i would like to get some basic grounding in MMA so that i can blend in quite quickly.

i will be uploading some videos of my punching techniques on the bag hopefully demonstrating on a very basic level my stance and technique.

basically all this was to just say hi! haha
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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