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June 16 Telecast Features Single Elimination Battle of K-1 Stars

Hoboken, N.J. – K-1, the martial arts fighting sport, is back with a bang on pay-per-view with Mayhem at the Mirage II. Along with three Superfights, Mayhem at the Mirage II also presents a single elimination tournament between eight battle-tested titans from around the world. The last man standing will proceed to the world semifinals in August.

Mayhem at the Mirage II will be available on cable systems and satellite homes nationwide June 16, 2006 at 10 p.m. ET on iN Demand Pay-Per-View and Dish Network in the United States for $29.95. It will also be shown on cable and satellite in Canada.

Marquee matchups include reigning K-1 “World Grand Prix” Champion Semmy Schilt (36-15-2, 17 KO’s), making his North American debut, who faces off against four-time K-1 Japan Grand Prix winner, Musashi (43-21-5, 12 KO’s) in a Superfight clash. Three time K-1 Tournament champion Stefan “Blitz” Leko (50-13-1, 29 KO’s) locks horns with Ruslan Karaev (163-10, 126 KO’s) in Superfight action.

The elimination event presents the long-awaited grudge match between Carter Williams (37-12, 24 KO’s) and Japan’s Yusuke Fujimoto (18-10, 9 KO’s). The tournament also features the return of knockout artist “Big Daddy” Gary Goodridge (43-24, 31 KO’s) and Chalid “Die Faust” (12-4, 1 KO).

One of the world's fastest-growing sports, K-1 fuses centuries of tradition from martial arts including karate, kung fu, tae kwon do and kickboxing into a thoroughly modern and electrifying spectator sport.
This event is being distributed by Integrated Sports, one of the nation's leading distributors of niche Pay-Per-View and closed circuit sports events.
To order Mayhem at the Mirage II, contact your local cable company or Dish Network.

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