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Kazuyuki Fujita was born in Japan on October 16, 1970. He stands 6'0 and weights in at 240lbs and wrestles out of team Office Inoki. Fujita was a professional wrestler with New Japan Pro Wrestling, were he won the IWGP Championship 3 times. He has a winning MMA record of 13-5-0.

Fighting History:
Loss-Wanderlei Silva TKO PRIDE-Critical Coutdown Absolute 7/1/2006
Win-James Thompson KO PRIDE-Total Elimination Absolute 5/5/2006
Win-Karam Ibrahim KO K-1-Premium 2004 Dynamite 12/31/2004
Win-Bob Sapp Submission K-1 MMA-ROMANEX 5/22/2004
Win-Imamu Mayfield TKO Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003-Inoki Festival 12/31/2003
Loss-Fedor Emelianenko Submission PRIDE 26-Bad to the Bone 6/8/2003
Win-Manabu Nakanishi TKO NJPW-Ultimate Crush 5/2/2003
Loss-Mirko Filipovic Decision Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2002-K-1 vs. Inoki 12/31/2002
Win-Tadao Yasuda Submission UFO-Legend 8/8/2002
Loss-Mirko Filipovic TKO K-1-Andy Hug Memorial 8/19/2001
Win-Yoshihiro Takayama Submission PRIDE 14-Clash of the Titans 5/27/2001
Win-Gilbert Yvel Decision PRIDE 12-Cold Fury 12/9/2000
Win-Ken Shamrock TKO PRIDE 10-Return of the Warriors 8/27/2000
Loss-Mark Coleman TKO PRIDE Grand Prix 2000-Finals 5/1/2000
Win-Mark Kerr Decision PRIDE Grand Prix 2000-Finals 5/1/2000
Win-Will Childs Submission Extreme Shootout-The Underground 4/1/2000
Win-Dan Chase KO Extreme Shootout-The Underground 4/1/2000
Win-Hans Nijman Submission PRIDE Grand Prix 2000-Opening Round 1/30/2000

-Lost his IWGP title to Brock Lesnar, Lesnar pinned Masahiro Chono in a triple threat match
-He represents Office Inoki in Pride and when he was in New Japan Pro Wrestling
-His nickname is Ironhead

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The Elemental Warrio said:
I really like Fujita, he beat MMA greats like Ken Shamrock and he even destroyed Bob Sapp. He was also trained by Antonio Inoki (my favorite wrestler)

I wouldnt go as far to say he BEAT Ken. I think of it more like Ken gave up against him.

But hey, it would be freaking amazing to see a rematch between the two. Especially since Fujita is out of a loss, and Ken hasnt done so well lately.
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