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Dear Dana,

Please don't cut Kimbo yet. He just threw his first high kick! I mean c'mon, the man is trying and he's growing. Will he ever be a contender? No. Is he fun to watch? Yes! Every fun fight doesn't have to have title implications. His pure strength slams are as fun to watch as Rampage's ever were. Did you hear that crowd? People love him. He definitely brings more eyes to your show. He got his ass kicked last night but he had plenty of legitimate chances to tap and didn't. There are still fun fights in the ufc for him (TONEY TONEY TONEY).

And what a slap in the face to Matt Mitrione. That guy showed real skills and technique as well as a comfort level in the octagon that no sane man could possess with his experience level. Now you would tell the world if you can't even beat Matt you suck? Please reconsider. Tell Kimbo to change his name to Kevin Ferguson Kick Toney in the head if he wants to keep his job.

Thanks for another great show
I never gave KIMBO a chance before going into the house, but the guy has earned my respect.
He aint run from no one, ok he isn't ever going to hold a title, but look how much he's improved since the internet days, if only everyone had his commitment, the guys a tryer give him one more fight at least, he improves every fight in terms of skill, even in his losses, and 90% of guys might have tapped in those triangles.
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