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We interviewed Keith Jardine earlier today to discuss his fight Saturday at UFC 64 with Mike Nickels, his training, along with some other things.

MMANews.com: This is Luis Cruz from MMANews.com. I'm joined now by "The Dean of Mean" Keith Jardine. Keith, what's going on?

Keith Jardine: Nothing much man, just losing weight.

MMANews.com: Where are you at right now?

Keith Jardine: I'm in at about 218 [lbs.]

MMANews.com: Is that higher than you usually are this close to fight time?

Keith Jardine: Nah, that's about normal. We'll see.

MMANews.com: So how are you feeling and how did training go for this fight?

Keith Jardine: Great. It's been awesome man because it was one of my hardest camps. I started earlier than usual helping Rashad [Evans] train for his fight and then a fighter [couldn't catch the name] had his yesterday, and he won and I was helping him train the whole time. We had a pretty awesome camp for the past - about - two months.

MMANews.com: So you train with Rashad regularly?

Keith Jardine: Oh yeah, he's part of our team now. He comes to Albuquerque about two months before his fight and he pretty much lives there.
Read the rest here: MMANEWS.COM | Keith Jardine Talks To MMANews.com About UFC 64 Fight

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Yeah, I think Jardine will win by decision!
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