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CTFlyingKnee said:
I think a Sherk slam, with or without holding onto the side of the cage is going to do some heavy damage....would not like to be on the recieving end of that i tell you
Hahaha no doubt man

I think randyspankstito has said it best. You guys are talking like this was the only fence grabbing incident in the whole fight. He grabbed the fence constantly. Everytime Sherk passed his guard and got the mount, Kenny grabbed the fence to pull himself up. I agree it's a reflex, but to do it 6-7 times in one fight is ridiculous. Yea, other people grab the fence too, but that doesn't make it right. I say if you can't follow the rules of the Octagon, then you shouldn't be fighting in the UFC. It's not fair to the fighters who actually do abide by the rules. You can't follow the rules, go to a different organization. I didn't pay $40 to see some douchebag cheat his way through 5 rounds.
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