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Thursday, October 12, 2006 - by Matt Hill - MMAWeekly.com

Kenny Florian may be the ‘statistical underdog’ in regards to his upcoming UFC lightweight title fight with Sean Sherk, but when asked by Damon Martin on SoundOff Radio for his thoughts on the bout, Florian sounded confident and primed to ‘get it on.’

“I’m prepared for everything that Sean Sherk will bring. I’m prepared to fight on my back, I’m prepared to wrestle with him, and I’m prepared to strike with him. I’m going to go with the flow…I’ll be prepared to finish him and submit him anywhere,” said Florian.

Florian knows that this fight is “a big fight,” but he feels that his stringent preparation for this bout will be enough to carry him to victory. Though Sherk is no doubt a dangerous opponent, Kenny seems to have the mindset necessary for success Saturday night…

“It’s just like any other fight. It is certainly a big fight, but every fight I really feel like has been a championship fight. Every fight is important to me. I’m a very competitive person, so that’s always on my mind, but as far as how ready am I? I’ve never been more ready in my life. I feel that everything has just been going perfectly for this fight, and I trust in everything that I’ve done. I’ve done everything right. The hard work is over with, and now it’s just time to walk in the cage and fight Sean Sherk. I think that’s the easiest part. I do all the hard training so the fight is easy. I’m prepared to go mentally, spiritually and physically,” said Florian.

Florian also believes that even in comparison to his strict training regiment and solid skill-set; it is his ability to analytically break down a fight that will catapult him into the upper echelon of 155-pound fighters.

Kenny said, “I think something that sets me apart from the other fighters is my ability to analyze and break down fighters’ games and expose their weaknesses. That’s one thing I’ve really made a change in, [for] myself and the whole team…we all literally have a meeting, and there’s a whole process to breaking down each and every opponent in every fight. I’m very anal about analyzing opponents. I probably have a file on everyone in the 155-pound weight class already, so I think that’s really going to separate me in this fight.”

Florian knows, though, that against a seasoned competitor like Sherk, he will need more than just good analytical skills to win Saturday night…

“I’ve trained my cardio to go more than five rounds. I make it very hard on myself and my trainers make it very hard on me…[in] the actual sparring sessions I have guys coming in every couple of minutes right at me for each round, and I do that over and over and over, so I’m going against fresh opponents for 30 minutes, even more than that. I’ve been in some brutal training sessions and I’ve prepared for the worst. I’m ready and I’m very confident that I won’t be the first guy to gas out there,” said Florian.

There have been copious speculations floating around that suggest Sherk may have some difficulty making it to 155 pounds for this contest. Kenny doesn’t concern himself too much with the hearsay, though, he prepared for Sherk’s ‘A-game,’ and he wants nothing less…

“I want Sherk to be at his best. I don’t want to hear any excuses from him as far as he didn’t cut the weight right, or [it was] his first time out. He’s already done a couple test runs apparently. He’s made the weight a few times, he said he doesn’t have a problem with it…I’m prepared to face a Sean Sherk that will be at his best. That’s what I’m expecting, that’s what I’ve trained for, and that’s who I’m prepared to beat,” said Florian.

Florian is also looking forward to showcasing some new skill-sets not previously seen by many ‘KenFlo’ fans…

“I train extremely hard in all aspects. I’m a complete Mixed Martial Arts fighter and I hope to show this in this fight. I think people are going to see a different Kenny Florian in this fight, and not that it wasn’t there before, it’s just that I’ve never really had the chance to show it. I don’t force anything in a fight. I don’t try to just stand up with someone; I don’t try to just go to the ground. I don’t force anything, I kind of go where…it’s just my own intuition. My body goes into automatic pilot and it tells me what to do. I’m not going to force anything. Wherever the fight may go, I’ll be ready for it. I will definitely be showing some new skills and some new tools in this fight, and I’m looking to surprise people once again,” said Florian.

When asked who he would like to fight if he gets by Sherk this coming Saturday night, Florian said, “There are a ton of fighters that interest me…Honestly, I just want to fight the best; the guys who are winning. I just want to fight the best guys.”

Kenny did admit to one fight being atop his wish list…

“It would be a dream. I’ve always wanted to fight Gomi. For some reason I feel like it’s my destiny to fight that guy. I don’t know why, but I’d love to fight Gomi and show that the UFC has the better fighter at that weight class,” said Florian.

Kenny Florian has the opportunity this Saturday night to do what no other ‘TUF’ star has yet been able to do, win a title fight. ‘TUF’ stars have shown that they are indeed capable of beating seasoned veterans, but whether or not a ‘TUF’ star is capable of winning a title fight is still yet to be seen. Saturday night’s fight is sure to bring more clarity to this progressively intriguing uncertainty.

Im telling you people KenFlo will submit The Muscle Shark
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