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Kevin Randleman was born in Columbus, Ohio on July 10,1971. He stands 5'10 and weights in at 205lbs. Known as "The Monster", Kevin uses wrestling as his fighting style and fights out of the Hammer House. He gave Pride's HW Champion Fedor Emelianenko a huge suplex slam that is still talked about to this day. Kevin Randleman has a winning record of 16-11-0.

Fighting History:
Win-Fatih Kocamis Decision Bushido Europe-Rotterdam Rumble 10/9/2005
Loss-Kazuhiro Nakamura Decision PRIDE-Total Elimination 2005 4/23/2005
Loss-Mirko Filipovic Submission PRIDE-Shockwave 2004 12/31/2004
Loss-Ron Waterman Submission PRIDE-Final Conflict 2004 8/15/2004
Loss-Fedor Emelianenko Submission PRIDE-Critical Countdown 2004 6/20/2004
Win-Mirko Filipovic KO PRIDE-Total Elimination 2004 4/25/2004
Loss-Kazushi Sakuraba Submission PRIDE-Final Conflict 2003 11/9/2003
Loss-Quinton Jackson TKO PRIDE 25-Body Blow 3/16/2003
Win-Murilo Rua TKO PRIDE 24-Cold Fury 3 12/23/2002
Win-Kenichi Yamamoto TKO PRIDE 23-Championship Chaos 2 11/24/2002
Win-Michiyoshi Ohara Decision PRIDE 22-Beasts From The East 2 9/29/2002
Win-Brian Foster KO RFC 1-The Beginning 7/13/2002
Win-Renato Sobral Decision UFC 35-Throwdown 1/11/2002
Loss-Chuck Liddell KO UFC 31-Locked & Loaded 5/4/2001
Loss-Randy Couture TKO UFC 28-High Stakes 11/17/2000
Win-Pedro Rizzo Decision UFC 26-Ultimate Field of Dreams 6/9/2000
Win-Pete Williams Decision UFC 23-Ultimate Japan 2 11/19/1999
Loss-Bas Rutten Decision UFC 20-Battle for the Gold 5/7/1999
Win-Maurice Smith Decision UFC 19-Ultimate Young Guns 3/5/1999
Loss-Tom Erikson KO Brazil Open-'97 6/15/1997
Win-Homem de Neve Submission Brazil Open-'97 6/15/1997
Loss-Carlos Barreto Technical Submission UVF 6-Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 6 3/3/1997
Win-Mario Neto Submission UVF 6-Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 6 3/3/1997
Win-Ebenezer Fontes Braga Decision UVF 6-Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 6 3/3/1997
Win-Dan Bobish Submission UVF 4-Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 4 10/22/1996
Win-Geza Kalman TKO UVF 4-Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 4 10/22/1996
Win-Luiz Carlos Macial Submission UVF 4-Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 4 10/22/1996

-He has been fighting under Mark Coleman since he was in college
-He was abused as a child
-Almost commited suicide when he was a teenager but thanks to Coleman, he is saved

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yeah he was molested as a child....

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I will always remember him knocking out Mirko Flipovic in '04, too bad he really didn't evolove like everything else in MMA. Him celebrating while Mirko was KO'D is one of the great images I will never forget.
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