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Kickboxing is boring.

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:thumbsdown: I was watching one next thing i know im sleeping. I dontt see how anyone can watch it. Just like boxing. There no knock out unless some gets really and i mean really lucky kick.
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IronMan said:
That doesn't change what its worth for fighting. Watch some mauy-thai competitions and you'll change your mind pretty quick. The American and European kickboxers are too conservative, the muay-thai boxers go all out, knees and elbows and all.

Ya Ironman i agree with you about the europenan style. But really it's true Muay thai Is super exciting in my opinion. Their always landing knees and elbows and their kicks are insane. they don't use the shin guards either. So if they land a kick boy it'll hurt. WOW i love watching Muay Thai It's not boring at all. Just Take a Look at it. It should change your mind.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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