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the thigh.

Poentially a very painful move. If landed at the correct area, somewhere in the middle on the side of the thigh with sufficient power, it will buckle the untrained martial artist( admittedly as I).

In fact,when my 12-year-old little brother executed this move, I fell to the floor and was limbing a bit when I got up. Today, I can still feel it.

I have felt a few thai kicks from a friend, although not of full power, they certainly hurt as well. However, considering the age difference between my physically weak brother and my well trained friend, I think the knee to the thigh is probably as damaging. Am I wrong?

I know it isn't used much, only a bit in the clinch and doesn't seem to conflict much damage compared to thai kicks. But that might be because it is harder to land that powerful knee to the side of the thigh. Thoughts?=
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