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I've noticed there's a lack of translated interviews of fighters based overseas making it harder for the casual fan to relate to those fighters. Even though some fighters such as THE KOREAN ZOMBIE have very likable personalities that can garner him more fans. So as a Korean I thought id translate a recent interview done by a Korean news site about his upcoming Leonard Garcia fight.(Gives a lot of insight to his desire to win)



I:How do you feel right now arriving in USA a week before in preparation for your WEC 48 fight?

KZ: My heart is thumping in anticipation for this fight. I have never felt this agitated(pumped up) for a fight.

I:How do you feel about your opponent being switched to Leonard Garcia for this fight?

KZ: Personally I am really happy about the new opponent. Actually I even posted on his website recommending a fight with me even before my entry into the WEC(laughs). It almost feels more like destiny than coincidence.

I: What do you think of your opponent?

KZ: Technically wise he is not too good.But has a good one two and KO power in his hands.

I: Are you confident about this fight?

KZ: If I didn't have confidence I would not even have come to America. Also when looking at his tapes i could sense that I could beat him. I usually win the fights when I get that feeling.

I: Do you think he may be slightly stronger physically?

KZ: Maybe but I have a special technique just for the fight . I cant talk about it now but watch the fight and you will see.

I:What are you going to do for the week in America?

KZ: I plan on going to Eddie Bravo and training. And just on a personal note I want to learn the twister from Eddie and other rubber guard stuff. And after a few days I plan on going to Urijah Faber's gym. Although because Faber has a fight himself I may not be able to train with him I can train with his stable of fighters. I feel blessed even with that so I am happy.

I:Mentally you have a lot of things to overcome America,the cage, and the WEC jitters. What do you think of this?

KZ: That is true but I MUST win. Ill trust my teammates and coach. Whats actually amazing is that my teammate Dong Hyun Kim fought at the UFC without a coach and still won. So I believe I can win in the WEC also.

I: There are not many Korean MMA fighters successful internationally what do you think of this?

KZ: Even though I have a long way to go I plan on proving to my team mates anything is possible. Even someone like me just a kid that started from scratch from Korea can eventually fight in the WEC.

I:Fans know you for your exciting wall to the wall style are you planning on fighting like this in the WEC?

KZ: Yes definitely actually seeing Leonard Garcias recent interview he seems to have the same mindset as me. With our styles I am confident it is going to be an exciting explosive fight.

I: Any other plans after this fight?

KZ: No I believe if I just win this fight everything else will fall in order.

I:Any last words?

KZ: I have no other thoughts than I must win no matter what. I'm counting the days until I get to fight Garcia. I can't wait to prove myself to the world.

I:I feel you are strong mentally. You seem to have to have an extra "something" that you bring to the cage.

KZ: Well that is somewhat true. I am a whole different person in the cage.Even I don't really know why. Even in the fight where I lost as a disqualification for the spinning punch knockout. I had practiced it with my trainer and thought that would be the only way I would win. And even though I technically lost i was happy that my strategy worked.(Editors note: I think this shows Chan had no idea the spinning back fist was illegal before the fight)

I: You first started out as a kick boxer how do you see yourself back than?

KZ: I think I must have looked so goofy(laughable) to the other fighters. I was really skinny and had a unfashionable bucket haircut.

I:Have you ever thought of quitting the sport?

KZ: Actually in MMA never I really enjoy it but back in the kickboxing days I wont lie I had some doubts. I would end school at 4 and train until 11 it was really hard. Me and my close friend at that time who was also my rival would spar almost to the death. In one day we would go 20 rounds.

I:Any significant memories from back than?

KZ: I just remember running a lot. Until the Sun came up I would run 200 times around the school playground. At that time my coach was very strict and would scream at us from behind to run faster. I was really scared of my coach back than.

I:What would have happened if you continued kickboxing?

KZ: My style wasn't right for kickboxing. I probably would have had no success and quit as an athlete.

I:There a lot of fighters. What makes you special?

KZ: Not to sound arrogant but a fighter must have a strong heart once he reaches the ring. It doesn't matter if your tough strong or a badass in training it has no meaning. I think I show my heart in the ring.

I: Fighting entertainingly might satiate the fans but don't you take the risk of losing?

KZ: Thats my style, its ingrained in me now so I cant change. Even against Kanehara that wasn't the plan but before I knew it I was fighting zombie style(editors note: He actually says the term zombie style). I love winning fights that way so I plan on continuing that trend.

I: What would you have done if not fighting?

KZ: Go finish my mandatory army service(editors note: all abled Korean men must serve two years in the army) and maybe become a great chef. Actually I never knew I'd become a sportsperson.

I:Who would you like to fight in the WEC?

KZ: I would love to fight Jose Aldo. Not only is he champion I really enjoy his style of fighting. Maybe right now I'm lacking but i bet one day we will meet. That's whats great about this sport being able to constantly improve.


"I believe mentally he is truly one of the strongest fighters. His will to win is unbelievable outside of the cage you would never expect him to be a fighter but in the cage his viciousness comes out"

"To be honest at his weight class in MMA stand up fighting I don't think a lot of people can beat him. He has really long reach and a natural talent for fighting and understanding distance."
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