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He had his chance and he showed us, that he isn't well rounded enough to make it just yet. Maybe in 2, 3 years but for now he lacks skills way to much.
I have to disagree I don't think Daley would have been the champ or anything but he would have been a top guy. Kos is definitely #2 at welterweight Thiago beat him in a fight he took on a couple days notice or something. But with a full camp and if he went back to his wrestling like he did in the Daley fight Kos probably would have won.
Think about the only guy to challenge GSP other than the Serra fluke it was Koschek. I don't think you can count a guy out just because he won't be the champ then you would have to disregard the entire WW,MW and probably HW divisions. Other than the serious wrestler GSP, Kos and Fitch, Daley would be knocking people out left and right and in my opinion being under a few great fighters doesn't make you insignificant.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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