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Last week's KO of Solomon

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No comments here on last weeks KO of Solomon? I was glad to see him eliminated. He couldn't damage Rory in the first round when he had him against the cage and he was just plain sloppy to be taken out by a roundhouse kick that did not completely connect in the second round. I'll admit Rory's striking at the end was not visually appealing but it got the job done - Solomon didn't know who won the fight when woke up from his beating. Priceless :laugh:
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it was great

I was so glad to see that mouthy toothless thug get his ass kicked...

No one deserved it more....
Titos team is leading 4-1, mint :thumbsup:

Shamrock walking out on the training session proves hes a gimp :laugh:

and Noah is a gimp too.. dating that girl for 6 months then leaving the competition for her.. what is he thinking??

Oh, man, that Noah guy! Can you believe that, already into the second round and he walks over THAT? Oh well, guess it's good he exposed himself as a ***** now, before he got himself hurt. That stuff just gets me so mad, though, I'd give anything to be in that situation and that loser just walks out? Hope she's worth it!!
So, does it make me a politically incorrect jerk to also say I sincerely cannot wait to see that deaf guy get his ass kicked? What an arrogant tool! It was great to see him get wobbled, hope he gets plenty more where that came from.
well, the hearing impaired guy, i think itll be pretty cool if he cleans up.. mind you being cocky will get you tons of enemies...

As for Noah, yup, what a loser. Goes that far and gives it up over a girl hes known 6 months. If she was the one she'd let him do his thing instead of being insecure and thinking hes cheating. She should go back to highschool, sounds like a kid to me.
Noah=loser. The deaf guy, hard to say, all the contestants say he does everything too hard. He might fool all of us.
I'm not sure if everyone's just jealous of the special attention.
I guess it's hard on your ego to get whooped by a deaf guy...Ouch
If they're as good as they think they should just kick his ass.
Noah's a wimp, Matt's a beast

Matt is a heck of a fighter. His wrestling skills are solid and his takedownsa are a pain. His ground and pound is going to be fierce.
As for Noah, we can't all be dedicated.
who is gonna win on ortiz's team?

who cares. Josh sucks. If deaf Matt was so fing good, wouldn't the editors treat him like Forrest Griffin? He get's no air time other than being a deaf.
I also was glad to see solomon leave. that was hilarious when he asked what happened and who won. :laugh:

when he talked in that dopey white guy voice I thought how many people would be offended to have a white guy make fun of a black guy in a fake black accent. typical black humor making fun of "stupid ******". I dont like that garbage and Im glad he's gone.
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