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Hello every one. Just a quick intro on me. I love to write, so sometimes I may get carried away with what I am trying to say/type. So I want to apologise first and for most.
My MMA history is like this. Currently to date Im 100-0-100kos. Hehehehe J/K. I watched a coupled of early UFC vids back in the day but really didn't understand what was going on. It wasnt untill I started watching it on cabel tv that I really started to "see" what MMA is all about. Like when to combataintas are jocking for position and to the "outsider" it looks as though they are just lying there. I dont have any martial arts traing but am very interested in getting some.
Currently I have stopped smoking and started working out to get back into shape. The next step is to find a place to get some teaching. If any one knows anybody inor around the metro Atlanta GA who teaches MMA style of fighting then shoot me a pm.
See here i go writing a novel about my self. LOL My bad!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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