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Forgive me for the sloppy topic name, but either way let's get right into it.

I'm 21 years old and while not in horrible shape, I feel like I've been slacking off when a lot of my friends around me have been going to the gym, and seemingly creating much better lives for themselves from it. I rarely do much when it comes to working out and frankly, I am at a point in my life right now where I want to change that - I need something to motivate me, something to get me going and sadly "it's for your own good" hasn't been working on me so far.

I've been a fan of MMA for a long time, and only recently I've started watching from the very beginning all of the seasons of the Ultimate Fighter. Just typing this makes me sound like some wannabe, haha, so let me explain. I admire the determination that a lot of these guys show and it's been motivating me to get into a gym, do something around the house.. anything to get myself in shape. I'm going to cut my life story and get to the questions.

1) Any stories from any of you who have broken out of stagnant periods of your life thorugh going to the gym/training in a disipline?

2) After getting into relative good shape, I'd like to start going to a gym (the only one in my city that trains in MMA) ran by Sensei Andy Young. If all goes well and I go through with it, I'd like to start out in their Muay Thai Boxing program and then move onto their (or another gyms, if I end up moving) full contact MMA program. How long would you give someone just starting out on their cardio and dieting, before taking these steps and are they sound decisions?

That's all for now, just looking to get some inspiration and answers from the rather large community here. Keep in mind I haven't been watching TV and saying "yeah, I can kick that guys ass!" I just want something active and fulfilling in my life.
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